Morthani's Will Freezing Game

When you active Morthani’s Will’s spell the game freezes/crashes. It happened twice to me. In both cases the other team had 4 identical troops.

I’ve never experienced this before. I mean, a troop making the game crash immediately when a spell is cast.

Is this a known issue?

That’s why people use 4 Mist Stalkers on their defence teams and it’s been rampant the last 5-7 days.

It’s a nasty bug and needs fixed asap since it literally causes the game to lock up and force a close.

Known issue with stealthy troops.

I’m seeking and destroying those teams with my Mab team every chance I get, just to stick it to them. They could at least show a little creativity and put 4 different stealthy troops out against me!


Aye, I’m farming them as well as a massive fuck you gesture for using that nonsense. In fact, I’ve actually used 10+ gems to refresh and seek them out, ha ha.

No mercy will be shown.


Wow, you’re going a little farther than I have, but “Fair Play” as an old friend would say.

Trying to get def wins by making other people’s game freeze is stupid. I go out of my way to farm them as well. :triumph: