Console 2.0.5 Known Issues

Dokkalfar still doesn’t summon the correct giant spider. It’s a lvl 15 with no traits, not a 19 as it states, similar with the giant spider summoning a spider swarm. I was under the impression that the troop would summon the equivalent to the one you have if it’s better. Ours are fully traited and levelled.

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Right ok. Just have to wait for a console developer to chime in.

Turning the music up changes the volume of the in game music. Turning up the sound effects does nothing.

Getting server error on PVP only

The bug with no gems at start of battle still happening! No surprise Mond***** have no defense loss.
Only thing we can do facing them is retreat…


Ive not been able play pvp for at least 5 hours :-1::-1::persevere:

Same, it’s annoying now, was hopeful it wouldn’t last this long to start with

Same. I wonder when this is getting fixed?

Wrong translation card text should be in french

Impervious Enemy troop are not grey when you cast devour

I noticed when playing some matches, it freezes for 10 seconds or something at the end of the match.

I’m getting the exact same problem now. Weird as I have been able to play all day. Lol I’m second on the leaderboard but now all I can’t even enter pvp.

It started straight after the old Aussie reset time of 1am. I got 3 this battle has already finished screens with no rewards. So I closed the game. Logged back in and I noticed I had brand new tasks like the day had reset.
That’s when it refused to let me do pvp after that.

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I’ve had it for 6 hours now, mate. I can’t do any pvp at all.

Look like it is xbox turn to get server problem

@Alpheon I’m not receiving my guild masteries until going into the guild. This was fixed with the mini update and is back again.

Wow this is crazy lol

It is easy(50%) to get a crash /screen freeze when checking defending records in pvp function.

Yeah, Impervious appears to be broken. I’ve devoured several different troops with that trait in effect, using both Maw and Sand Shark. “Impervious” appears over the devoured troop, but it doesn’t actually prevent the devour.

In addition to many of the things mentioned above, here are two more that I experienced:

  1. Game SFX breaking bit by bit. While playing the Orbweaver quest, game SFX began failing here and there, until I was left with no audio except for the music.

  2. The “Login” tab for Guild Roster always shows “???” even after completing many battles.

Both occurred on Xbox after restarting the app.

another issue for me on xbox:
Im actually 37th in ranking but the award screen put me in the 101-200 group. also in pvp menu then stats menu, it is written “my fair lady” on top screen in place of my name.