Console 3.0 Known Issues

The 3.0 console update for Xbox and PS4 is soon to be available to players of all ages! Please report any issues you may find with the update here :slight_smile:

Last Update: June 2nd, 2017

Crafting Menu

  • Kingdom Background images are not being set correctly when opening a troop from the same kingdom for the second time.
  • After exiting the crafting menu of a troop with event bonuses, the bonuses call-outs will be overlapping (Reference)

Troop Info Menu

  • Boost ratio on cards with a limit (e.g. Bone Dragon) only shows the limit ratio instead of the actual boost ratio (Reference) - Status: Will be fixed in the next update

Hero Menu

  • Upon spending souls to level up a hero class, the souls amount in the Collection tab of the Hero Menu will not properly update with the new souls until you have left the menu completely. (Reference)


  • ‘Battle already finished’ error continues to plague people.
  • Guild Wars Battle wins counting as a loss on occasion.
  • Event stat bonuses are not updating with hero class changes (Reference)


  • Chat constantly changes channels to a higher channel - Status: Should be fixed after daily reset or restarting the game.

Guild Wars

  • Sentinel calculation screen may be misleading.


  • Spells that sacrifice troops to summon a troop to summon another troop will not summon the troop if the sacrificed troop is the last one alive (i.e Elspeth). (Reference)


  • Virtue of Humility saves troops when taking AOE damage (Reference)

Arena Rewards Menu

  • Key icon on the banners displays a Gold key instead of a Glory key (Reference)


  • The Other Side of Dawn achievement does not unlock when completing all Guild Wars battles (Reference) - Status: Will be fixed in the next update
  • Guild Wars Achievements are not localized in languages other than English
  • For future reference, the achievements are as followed:


  • Le Côté Obscur de la Guerre - Finissez tous vos combats de la Guerre des Guildes en une semaine.
  • La Sentinelle - Augmentez vos Sentinelles de Guerre au moins une fois chacune durant une même Guerre des Guildes.
  • La Chute d’Olympe - Gagnez contre un adversaire parangon durant la Guerre des Guildes.


  • El Otro Lado del Amanecer - Completa todas las batallas de tu Guerra de Gremios en una semana.
  • Primera Centinela - Mejora todas tus Centinelas de las Guerras de Gremio al menos una vez en un único evento.
  • El Olimpo Ha Caído - Derrota a un Ejemplar enemigo en las Guerras de Gremio.


  • Die andere Seite des Anfangs - Schließe alle deine Kämpfe im Gildenkrieg in dieser Woche ab.
  • Hauptwächter - Upgrade jeden deiner Gildenkrieg-Wächter mindestens einmal während eines Gildenkrieges.
  • Der Olymp ist gefallen - Besiege einen Paragon-Gegner im Gildenkrieg.


  • L’altro lato dell’Alba - Completa tutte le tue battaglie della Guerra delle Gilde di una singola settimana.
  • Sentile Prime - Potenzia ognuna delle tue Sentinelle della Guerra delle Gilde almeno una volta in una singola Guerra.
  • L’Olimpo è caduto - Sconfiggi un Idolo avversario nella Guerra delle Gilde.

In the Shop:
Gems, Weekly Event, and Specials are all blank/empty.

Global Chat continues its search for a channel all on its own, same as pre 3.0.

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Gorgotha’s ability Doomstones explodes the gem’s 1 by 1.
EDIT: Not sure if this should be labelled as an issue just that i’m pretty sure shouldn’t be like that? Or did you guys make it like that now?
EDIT 2: Khorvash drain’s and stun’s the enemy troop underneath the 2nd troop it hit’s that is killed by it not just the 2 troops.

I really hope your taking the piss about Gorgotha.

About khorvash…wow this still going on in console… I suppose its not a bug but a special console only feature. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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It’s a feature :smiley:. Explosion effects now explode one at a time (in really quick succession, so it takes basically the same amount of time) for a more cinematic effect.


Nope literally just seen it myself just thought DAFUQ! xD

Hmm never seen that on PC :stuck_out_tongue:

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Nice! I for one like the new effect.


Also well sorta an edit lol under half of my screen is just black but with the background of the troop in ANY troop crafting and the chat keeps on changing channel’s every moment although i’m sure someone has noted that.

@Alpheon Death text saying death mark take effect after 2 turns

Edit: same for Darknight class

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Unfortunately it looks like this is a translation error. Deathmark functions as it did before with no grace period (that will be in the next update).


Stonehammer showing in the fight for Oracle training… this supposed to happen?

yup same for dragon soul it was weird

I am having this issue tonight as well, never had it before tonight.

Keep getting the attached error randomly.

This is on ps4

Might just be a display issue, but this looks like a very strange boost ratio for Bone Dragon. It does seem underwhelming, though, that 3 of my 4 Bone Dragon casts since the update have not resulted in even a 3-skull match, so maybe there’s something more to it.

@Alpheon the pvp gold reward significantly dropped is it intended??

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yeah bone dragon really suck i tried it 2-3 fight and same result i didin’t made any x3 gems and opponent could use skulls against me

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Yup, he’s meant to be part of that. (Last entry on that page)

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