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CONSOLE: 2.0.5 Update

Originally published at: http://gemsofwar.com/console-2-0-5-update/
Hail and well met, PS4 and Xbox One players! Welcome to 2.0.5…

New PvP System * Complete overhaul of the existing PvP system * Separated into Ranked and Casual battles * Ranked leaderboards to compete against other players * Check out your past battles in the battle log * Removed minimum level entry requirement * Rewards are now split into Tier Rewards (which have been increased) and Ranked rewards (for the first 1000 players each week)
Explore Minigame * Test your team against tough teams from each kingdom * Unlock traitstones depending on the kingdom you explore * Shows the traitstones you can get from each kingdom
Profile Menu * Check out favourite troops and stats of other guild members and opponents * Spar in training battles against other players (no rewards for this though, sorry!)
Community News Menu * Redesigned News Menu * Allows multiple news items to be displayed at the same time * Guides you to the appropriate location depending on the news article
New Content * New Hero Classes: Assassin & Orbweaver * Dual Troop Types * New mechanics: Web & Stun & Frozen * New Kingdoms: Glacial Peaks & Leonis Empire
Puzzle Game Improvements * New Puzzle Control Scheme: Move the right stick to quickly swap gems * Spell and Attack Animations are quicker * Spells take less time to cast * Trait animations are quicker * Improved mana and spell effects * Better skull attack animations
World Map Improvements * Locked kingdoms now change shields when the player is a high enough level to unlock them (Red shields turn blue) * Map centres into the kingdom selected * World map more responsive to player input (smoother movement) * Improved world map icons while zooming
Other Changes * Event changeovers are now at 7am GMT (identical to PC/Mobile) * Arena
  • - Now allows you to select ANY weapon, to be in line with Mobile/PC
  • - UI in the arena has changed to be more descriptive of current progress
* UI Polish, including adding a mini game button to the world map * Performance improvements for animations * Redeem Codes now available and redeemed through the Store (Xbox One only) * Claim All button added to Mail * Added Skip functionality to Quest section of the game * Improved flow of the game to return users to locations where they were previously
  • - If players are in quest battles, it will return them to the quest screen once complete
* Updated Quest Display
  • - Quests display different coloured text for completed, incomplete and current quests
  • - Hides any future quest descriptions as “???”
* Troop Card Info menu improvements
  • - Cards can now be swapped with the triggers
  • - Cards now animate when being swapped
  • - Choosing a troop in battle will now display the Spell card by default
  • - Shows current status effects a troop is currently inflicted
* Improved Start Tutorials * Weapons in team lists now alternates between the weapon and hero name * Rarity is now displayed on troop cards
Bug Fixes * Arena would show incorrect stats when choosing your troops at the start of arena * Fixed the game from crashing when losing the first tutorial battle * (PS4) - Players are now given clearer error message when loading the game without being connected to the PSN * (PS4) – Losing connection to the PSN now forces players to return back to the title screen * (XB1) - Switching profiles on the XB1 no longer freezes the game for an extended period of time * 5 of a kind matches no longer cause mana surge to happen twice * Arena now shows the correct previous battle difficulty * Players can now no longer equip weapons they did not own * Removed image flickering when images are first displayed * Results screen now shows the correct amount of traitstones collected * Minor visual improvements
  • - Highlighting in challenge menus now start correctly
  • - Guild menus had some love, including animating intro, better highlights and cleaner UI
  • - Less instances of images/menus popping or changing scale on the first few milliseconds of being seen
* Fixed selection highlight in Puzzle game where showing a troop card would make it disappear after closing it (using the back button) * Gems should now scale correctly once matched * Hint suggestions now show all gems in a L shaped 5+ of a kind * Results screen should no longer show some troops before they should slide onto the screen * Tasks should now show correct amounts in their descriptions and match the tally * Weapons images on the team lists should no longer be stretched * Unlock list now shows better icons for troops (now using the offsets) * Treasure Hunt screen now waits for player input before closing * Weapons with 3 or more colours are now detected by class bonuses
  • - E.g. Warlord class Magic Bonus of “+3 When using Red Weapons” was not being applied to weapons with all colours (e.g. Imperial Jewel)
* Sorting weapons by Upgradeable no longer breaks the Troop Collection Menu * Fixed the Disenchant souls display from disappearing when toggling them up and down quickly * Fixed virtual keyboard input fields becoming unresponsive when entering an empty string * Removed LV from the hero card * Scouting is now free until a certain level has been reached * Fixed the traitstone display on the results menu to be correct * Large Avatar now fades out after casting a spell * New is now displayed on every unlockable which was not owned previously * Fixed summoning issues * Enemy Troops no longer show your progress in puzzle intro screen * Scatter damage no longer triggers Frenzy multiple times * Dragon and Lion Armour is placed in the correct position on the avatar

Please note this Update only applies to Xbox One and Playstation 4 versions of the game.

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Awesome! I’m downloading now after getting wind of this. Woohooo!

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Awesome can actually enjoy more of the game now, more like PC version. :smile:

I’d like to test the redeem function, just so I know it works lol

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Happy days

Where can i get these redeem codes for Xbox one? Please specific if you can.

Unfortunately redeem codes do not work on console at this time @Goguyuh.

Possibly never, considering that its been almost a year since they were allowed but purposely disabled on the Xbox One to maintain platform parity with the PS4 (No free GoW items). I don’t think until the legal team does what they need to do we will ever see them enabled.

PS is probably blocking free stuff because its similar to Sony being all for the gamer exactly like blocking EA Pass as “its not a good value to the gamer”. Allowing gamers the option to get 4 dozen newer games for $30/year is simply not in their business interest.