Cheat or wtf? Xbox one new ranked battle gamplay

Ranked play. The player under the nickname mondinsel raises big questions. In the lobby of his units could not problematise( was not given information on the bonuses and skill), only for the hero level 811. But as the building process itself struck me as weak and I attacked him. After what turned out to be such a picture( see screenshot). Just on the Board was missing gems, Carl! Of course I have nothing to do with it but could not. I want to know the opinions of the community to start and what to do about it?

No callouts, this has also already been reported as a probable bug (and of an urgent nature):

She has been like that for a long time. Why the devs have left it is a mystery. Are you aware of these @Alpheon?

This has only just come to MY attention, so I must have missed any previous reference to it.
We’ll get the team to take a look as soon as they’re in tomorrow morning.

Turns out there was a piece of bad data on mondinsel’s account causing an issue.
We’ve got a fix going out for that to the servers shortly, and next time mondinsel logs back in it should correct their account.

So… I would expect this to be fixed probably within 12-24 hours