Game crashes on ps4

Iam using the great maw ik shegga and mercy.I keep coming across a player with 4 mist stalkers.every time I use the great maw.he does not devour.then causes my game to freeze.then.I need to reboot my ps4.also I get the loss.I’ve tried a couple of another set up they seem to work ok.but it’s my main team named above with I’ve having the problem.

I had this same issue and reported it. Targeting troops with the stealthy trait causes the game to crash.

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Nice glad you have.because we be fighting mist stalkers.every battle lol

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oh for fuck sake … i hope this doesnt mean they will nerf or change mist stalker now … its my favorite troop in the team ive been using alot…

This is probably a problem caused by a bug. Because all mist stalkers have stealthy, you can target them. However when you try to select them, the game still thinks you can’t because of the trait. Seems like someone found that bug and used it on defense for some easy wins vs Maw :stuck_out_tongue:

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Just use skulls or AoE spells. They’ll fix it eventually.


Here is a ‘think outside of the box’ approach. Since we know that the PvP matchmaking is performed on server-side… edit the server-side match-making algorithm so that:

If (user platform is effected)
If attacking team has card with devour trait
If defending team has card with stealth trait
choose another opponent

Best Wishes

Had the same when i used jarl firemantles attack on a mist stalker, screen froze but i could still give up the match and go back to the kingdom screen.

Yeah, it’s a bug. I’m sure they’ll be able to fix it since it works on PC/Mobile just fine.

It’s also among the known issues and should be fixed in the next update.

List of Console Known Issues