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Arena Worst Event Ever?

So what you are saying, is that it’s doable.


Of course! Didn’t you hear devs saying we could farm it to our heart’s content? What else were you going to do with your life? Learn a skill? Where’s the fun in that when you could be grinding 40+ hours of arena each 24h event?


The straight line extrapolation trick. :laughing:

I wasn’t around when this happened: Discussion re: Ingot drop rates, June 2018, but the thing with deeds and books… as and when the devs decide.

Deeds were added Aug 2019 (?), and Epic tasks to gain them were added Dec 2019. It’s more constrained than the ingot-flood from delves, but comparing the two, the ingot economy is probably the one with the wrong model for long term end-game content.

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Where is the end game? I don’t see it. You have access to everything the game offers by what lvl 250?

Dragging out kingdom levels, power levels and Mythics is a poor excuse for “end game content”

Yes, as expected, as little effort put in as possible. Unless a miracle will happen it will stay this way.


I’m not sure if I mentioned here or in another thread that I’m relatively new to the game (am at level 1200 but started 7 months ago). I don’t really mind it being an endless game as I enjoy it and still have a lot to do before I hit “the endless grind” (don’t even have a single kingdom at power 10).

I’ve heard others mention that regarding ingots and that eventually delves resolves that. And that eventually something will resolve writs/deeds/books. Personally, I’m not worried. I like to so the math to get an idea. It would just worry me if the arena event is their “answer” to lacking writs (which has been mentioned by others).

I guess what I’m trying to say with a lot of words is that I’m sure devs will eventually come up with something. But in the meantime, they might consider increasing arena event rewards.


I bet a lot of people don’t bother to do pet rescues for pets they already have ascended, in which case they could miss the event altogether - or be forced to play the rescue just to get it out of the way, if they heard word of the event.

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Now we know what to take next World Event :sweat_smile: no point taking Skulls, there’s nothing in there!

#nagafangs #forkedtongues #justiceforgroshnak

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Well the game is I agree increasingly full of why bother? But it doesn’t bother the game makers and thats the shame for the game players.


Yep, this is where our input helps. We can extrapolate numbers and give them a nudge.

For example 4.5 Update Patch Notes

The Deed system was introduced on 29th August 2019, so less 9 days, 14 months ago.

In this thread you will see there were many concerns about the scarcity of Deeds and Imperial Deeds and we were told the calculations were wrong.

The calculations at least have been proven right.

I agree with @cyberkiwi that we will no doubt get a bonus way of acquiring Deeds, and one of those is already in Campaigns. However there’s no help for Imperial Deeds even now, 14 months on.

I had a look at my kingdoms and they have mostly been obtained by AB.

I’ve logged in daily and completed all AB tasks. I’ve converted 3k writs into 3 Imperials. I seem to think I may have converted a couple of 100 writs to deeds too.

And here is an image of my progress. So I’m maxing AB’s and taking some Deed offers. I had one Imperial Offer and I declined it, and where would it get me.

Now, I have uprated 1 Kingdom to 16, which has been extremely worth it - Pridelands. As a result, I spent 3 Imperial Deeds extra and 100 Red Deeds. In this regard, I could have 1 more kingdom at 15.

I’m now going to update that with any daily offers I pickup, but that’s where I am, playing daily and completing everything possible… and I’m at 11/34 at 15…

Edit - I’ve missed some writs from guild tasks. So I suppose I could have gained maybe up to 14/15 Kingdoms by maxing opportunity on Writs and a couple more deed offer.

I’d be guessing how much better off I could be. In the grand scheme of things, we’re being underserved, and the writs in the arena are going to make no difference right now.


Loving the spreadsheet (apparently this game involves a lot of those since I’ve seen them a lot and heard mention from people in my guild). So in 14 months of gameplay with writs, 10-11 months with epic tasks, you’ve gotten 11 kingdoms to 15. It’s good to see something like this for comparison because many (like me) will do the math and see that it’s ridiculous. So it’s great to have perspective, thanks.

I’m at 7 months of fully f2p daily playing and have 4 kingdoms at 15 in a guild that completed its first epic task last week. So am pretty happy with that rate.

But it seems we’ve all gone off topic. Again, I like the new arena and have been checking the daily offers for deeds or the illusive imperial deed offer. Do I like the daily version of arena better? Yes. But I think we’re all in agreement that the event isn’t good.


Yep, I think the answer is that Arena doesn’t provide sufficient of anything to make any difference to your kingdom level progress.

Going by the AB so far, using AB and the occasional offers, if it paces the same - I’ve 41 Imperial Deeds in 14 months, more or less 3 per month. So, it’s already more time than they stated regardless of what they do next.

To get all to 15, it’s at the existing rate - 61 ID -> 20.33 more months to get them all to 15, with good management of resources - that’s 36 months to do the kingdoms to 15, 2 years longer than we were told. Granted I could do it in marginally less time by not having a 16 kingdom for the 10% mythstone bonus, but it’s on track with a post I made in August where the same number came up, 36 months. Since that time, I’ve spent more on gem offers for Deeds than ever, wherever possible, and in reality due to the RNG of AB, the time frame has actually increased as I have had to buy more Deeds to keep pace with a 3 year progress to complete all.

Not good reading as I’m absolute endgame, have everything except Kurandara and Campaign pets, so that amount of time is going to be similar for most. The only players with more will have bought every offer and completed all writ Epic Tasks each week, which I haven’t, but have some weeks etc.

Hopefully soon we can get some better news on Imperial Deeds, Arena doesn’t cut it for them.


I hope there is some other mode that had writs that are farmable.

To get to 30 stars we’ll have to medal 680 troops. That’s the other “OMG how many years will that take” resource.

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And they even said during a stream they might introduce higher elite levels past gold, like ruby. :see_no_evil:

I like most parts of the elite system. Sure, it will take forever, it feels like a reasonable long term effort though, you can work on it any time you want. What I’d really want to see changed is the gambling part. Let me add as many medals as I want to sacrifice to reach a 100% success chance, failing an upgrade with medals that took weeks of farming just makes me want to uninstall.


I was tempted by some pet offers. I almost spent $3.98 on 4 copies of Dragonpuppy. Then I played 3 games of Arena and the temptation disappeared. It worked! :fireworks:

Anyone else try this yet? It’s like aversion therapy.


The trouble is that players who are prepared to play for many hours per day continue to demand action from the company and thus ensure that endgame remains beyond reach. They disregard their very obvious unhealthy play levels and strive to complete an uncompletable game. The more casual player or the working man who enjoys the game is a clear casualty to this approach which is vented by hardcore players. If anything, the players who do zero in life other than play games have brought this game to its knees


Arena so bad, it has created a new event: Recruiting new players.

I’ve spent more time trying to recruit players than I have playing Arena since this change. “We’re looking for a more casual guild”. Our requirements are 420 gold, 420 seals, and 4 and 20 trophies. Are we really that high? How more casual do I need to go?

One new blood joined, with a goal of reaching 100, but burnt out too quickly. He asked what he should spend $ on. I didn’t want that on my conscience. “Nothing”.

Arena so bad…


I love the new Arena. It’s GoW at it’s purest. But 3 a day already takes a long time, getting many arena event rewards is just too much.

I’ve got to quit playing arena. I forgot about the game completely for the first 7 hours I was awake. I missed 8 tributes. That has not happened in over 4 years of playing unless I didn’t have internet access. Not when my dad died, or any other crisis has the game been off my mind for that long. Even when I “quit” for 2 months. I was still getting tributes just in case.

This aversion therapy works just a little too well.


Eh, wait, but arena is lovely, best mode ever, I dont even care if it take whole day doing 3 runs to get offers, I love it so much!