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Arena Worst Event Ever?

The 5 room path factions are the worst, because they require a minimum of 245 battles. But if you are successful in your SoS Tuesday quest, then it can be avoided in future Tuesday events, same as Arena.

Of course, there are times, such as my attempts at the Warrens, Dark Pits, and Stonesong Eyrie, where my attempts ran out of time or gems, and I had to try on a second Tuesday. (or in the case of Stonesong, do it without potions). And all factions can and have been done without potions by others, although the costs can be prohibitive for more casual players.

But for the those who are casual, or those who have already maxed the current faction event, Tuesday Faction events can be a great source of portal shards, souls, glory and gold. It is a much better event than one that is completely ignored entirely (Arena).


All good points. Plus, you can get at least one chaos orb, two if you spend 30 gems or get lucky. For me, these low-level battles also help me get to 2,000 seals earlier in the week, so I don’t waste the daily seals I get in the mail.

I’ve finished all delves, but still do weekly delves that I’ve finished for chaos shards. If you spend most of your chaos shards, you can get enough treasures to also lower your gold cost for raising hoard level on the 3 day delves.

Note that it’s resource efficient to do all rooms all the way to 500. If you have more resources than time, Tuesdays can be done straight through much quicker, except on those 5 minimum delves.


I’m impressed with your math skills, orc. Must have gotten a whole tribe’s worth of fingers and toes to work this out.


I’m ok with years, if I can see a way I can WORK towards a goal, in a meaningful way. I’m ok with grinding out 10 writs at a time for an Explore 12 battle. Fine. That’s just a matter of putting in the time and enjoying the game in the process. But seriously, at 60 writs at a time it will take >16,500 arena events (sorry, there is no way I will invest 4 hours of my time for another 60) to get close to the goal post. That is just ludicrous.
Want to introduce new ways to earn writs or deeds? How about improving your communication and telling us about those plans. And then implementing them. I still recall promises of “ways to earn forge scrolls”. Anyone seen those? I suppose they might come, one at a time, for playing treasure maps for 4 hours.


Until now i thought that the game is designed to collect all units and weapons, level them up and strengthen them so that you become big and strong.
if you play arena now, you feel like the beginner who started fresh 3-4 years ago.
no hero anymore, units in the pool that couldn’t be more cruel and opponents and a ki that make you look stupid.
I didn’t like arena even before the change, but now it’s completely over.
and yes, arena is the worst event ever! I’m off …


Does anyone know the “rules” on arena summoning levels? I had tracker in my arena deck and he kept spawning level 10 dire wolf who had about 5 attack, 3 armour, 10 life. The level 15 enemy orions herald (7 attack, 4 armour, 15 life) summoned a level 9 orion who had 8 attack 4 armour and 14 life! Those ain’t level 9 stats for sure. Summoning seems pretty much all over the shop. Their sacrificial priest summoned L15 aborath in a different fight and cocoon a level 9 tomb spider. No idea what’s going on lol.

You just gave me a thought - they should implement an event around Treasure Hunt. I think I would enjoy that more.

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Oh goodness, don’t give them ideas ;-;

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Woof… you strongly disagree. That’s certainly fair! I strongly disagree with your disagreement. Why? Because, I actually rather enjoyed arena before. Ok enjoy might be the wrong word. Didn’t hate it. Lol. Now it’s an unrewarding time sink. The offers are not rewards! They are just literally extra opportunities to pay for things with gems. I pay for things with gems. No issue with that. But it’s not a reward.

The new arena is not much different from the previous. I still win way more than I lose. I still feel slightly guilty wasting the time, and I still get the same kind of weird almost enjoyment. (I’m just a weirdo… what can I say?). The only real change is that it takes longer and the only reward that was increased is trophies, which are absolutely not a single player thing, at all. Gold and souls, went down and time went way up.

And I’m sorry, if they want me to spend my gems on offers? I’m here. My gems are here. Offer me something I want! Don’t put it behind a time sink that keeps me from doing things that actually help both myself and my guild.

The absolute last thing that Arena needed was to be slowed down. The second last thing it needed was the paltry rewards nerfed. They did both. :woman_facepalming: The weird twisted fun that I always took from the mode is still there. However, being that I live in a world with clocks, I can no longer indulge myself, because there are only so many hours in a day and there is nothing here that can help me or my guild progress.


@Eika Well, I’d never try to tell anyone what they think or feel. It always makes me crazy when people do that to me. However, I do think that there are people doing arena now (that wouldn’t have bothered before) just for the offers. I’m honestly a little stunned by that. I mean it’s 3 extra chances to have an opportunity to buy something and the odds that the thing you want will be on offer are slim.


Spot on mate. Also there is nothing to gain from it, so I deleted my post. I am as you, stunned.

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I like the change, and offers are just a bonus. If I didn’t like the change, I wouldn’t play this mode, even for offers… (too much time spent vs what you gain from it)

Sure, everyone does with their time what they think is best for them. I prefer to do things that I enjoy, so if Arena was no fun for me I wouldn’t play it at all.

min(15, max(1, [magic stat of summoner]))

Then how did the level 9 have such high stats (as described).

It’s a legendary troop, those have higher base stats. Lower rarity troops only catch up once you ascend them to higher rarity.

it should be:
troop rarity:
common = min(15, max(1, [magic stat of summoner]))
rare = min(16, max(1, [magic stat of summoner]))
ultra rate = min(17, max(1, [magic stat of summoner]))
epic = min(18, max(1, [magic stat of summoner]))
legendary = min(19, max(1, [magic stat of summoner]))
mythic= min(20, max(1, [magic stat of summoner]))

but, it usually will be 2nd part of min formula (magic stat of summoner)

That only applies outside of Arena, within Arena all levels are capped at 15.

This arena is now like Walmart selling raffle tickets to get in the store to possibly find something you want to buy, only the items are dollar store trash for triple the price with maybe getting a tv for 10% off once out of 90 tries.


Arena as many say can be skipped.

That’s really the best thing.

The offers? I dunno, I ran Arena for a few days and realised I’m spending more gems than I can possibly recover on 2 deeds, pets. Got the pet up to 20 and not bothered since bar one atrocious run at weekend that took place instead of 15 explore 5s…

That’s the issue with it, it’s a 2014/2015 event being revamped with 2014/2015 rewards.

The Arena event is like having to go back into the dentist’s chair over and over again, with each time more pain being endured.

In explore you can get tokens, souls, traitstones, gold, level classes all in one mode.

Combining playtime to maximise it is a gamers panacea, so explore has good utility. Even if you repeat, there is more than the illusion of progress with gold at least. Which is why vault weekend goes well because it gives gains in other areas as well as VK.

Granted other events have little lustre, like Raid, but Arena fails because it is outdated, a little like faction 500s with skulls giving issues, can be an ugly experience and coupled with its rewards being reduced/outdated etc, it’s an easy target for complaints.

I’ve decided I will probably skip it period.

Now what would give Arena a shot in the arm is an increase in the soul rate, opportunities for tokens and more writs.

If Devs think that none stop playing would give too many of anything, cap the resources. It’s they who allow the none stop play.

How many would do the Arena Event if you got 500 writs and 3 medal drops (like orbs, random) from rewards.

Is that seriously going to break anything??

Not in game but think it’s about 60 Mythics now, that’s 360 Nysha medals.

Let’s say you get 1 Nysha every weekend event or 2 per month from luck in Arena events, it’s still 15 years to get them all without a single mythic being added to the game.

That’s forgetting Imperial Deeds altogether, but even if you got 2 x 500 writs monthly, no-one is going anywhere fast. I mean at that rate it is still less than we were told when AB came out from AB alone.

Nooooothing’s gonna break…,

Fix the rewards and it’s a start at least I guess. :grinning:


I agree with pretty much everything you said. I like the new game mode, but the rewards/time are pitiful.

^ best line

TLDR: Assuming guild finished epic green task every week

  • Time needed for enough writs for imperial deeds for all kingdoms up to 15: 14 years
  • Time up to 16: Another 11 years. (25 total)
  • Extra writs needed to reduce this to a “manageable” 6.4 years: 2.3k writs/month

Which really puts the 60-180 writs we could get every event/month into perspective. And that’s just for the imperial deeds so… Even if they increase the writ reward to 250 writs each time, and someone manages to grind 3 repetitions to earn 750 writs (that poor soul), it would still take 12 years to get all kingdoms to 16.

As for writ calculations (yes, I do love calculations), let’s simplify by just focusing on imperial deeds. It takes 4k writs to get a single kingdom from 10->15. Another 3k to get it to 16. (Ignoring higher levels because we’re only realistically getting those books from campaigns. So that’s 7k per kingdom. A mid to high level guild can farm 179 writs a week from epic green tasks. Ignoring other sources, you can get 9308 writs a year, or 9 imperial deeds. That’s enough for 2 kingdoms 10->15 per year or 3 from 15->16, assuming you get books. At this rate, we’re talking 14.6 years to get all kingdoms to 15, and then another 11 years to get all them to 16. OVER 25 YEARS! 238 total imperial deeds, or 238k writs, to get all kingdoms to level 16.

Let’s say we wanted to reduce this number by 2, meaning 12 years to get every kingdom to 16. That means doubling the previous amount. 9.3k writs earned per year, or 776 writs per month. @xolid99 suggested 500 writs per month. At 776 writs per month, we would still need 7 years to get every kingdom to 15 and another 5 years to get all kingdoms to 16 (again pretending that 17+ doesn’t exist). That’s still VERY long term.

So what say we double again, making it 6.4 years to get every kingdom to 16. Still a long term goal, limited by books. Other than epic green task, we would need an influx of 28k writs per year, or 2327 more per month. This nets us 3k total writs a month. That’s enough for 1 kingdom to level 16 per month (but of course we don’t have the books to do so), or 3 kingdoms to level 15 every 4 months (assuming we happen to have the 70 deeds per kingdom).