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Ingot Drop Rate?

First off all, is it true the only chests they drop from are Gem chests?

Anyone know what is the droprate of mythic ingots in gem chests? For example Mythic TROOPS from gem chests is 1:1000.

In pvp I’ve had 1 legendary drop for me and several epics. Anyone got a Mythic ingot in pvp yet?


Yes the only chest is gem and yes it’s possible to get them in pvp. The drop rate is probably just as rare as a mythic.

Anyone got a Mythic ingot in pvp yet?

yes, thats my loot from some battles today


Was that from getting to tier 1 or a random drop from a battle?

oh sorry, you’re right. looked into my claimed mails and the mythic was a reward.
luckily I didn’t finish ysesterday :smiley:

That’s ok, I can actually confirm they drop randomly from battles because I just scored one! :heart_eyes:



After doing 77 PvP battles, my results look like this:

  • 51 Common Ingots
  • 24 Rare Ingots
  • 2 Ultra-Rare Ingots

Unless I’ve been very unlucky those three rarities are the only Ingots that drop from PvP. Even if there is a tiny chance to get higher rarities, those will be too scarce compared to upgrade costs to have any noticable impact. Technically, 1k Common Ingots + 10k Souls can be transformed into an Epic Ingot, which would make fully upgrading an Epic weapon cost 35k Common Ingots + 350k Souls. That seems to be pretty much the limit, higher rarities will have to obtained from other sources.

ive still yet to drop higher than an ultra rare from pvp lel

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All this from PvP (had hit tier 1 already so non of those rewards) and Arena. +1 Mythic already used on my DBcount

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So after 77 battles you say that’s the only ones you can get? Did you not see my above post where I got a mythic? You have to do many more battles. I’ve found 1 mythic, 1 legendary and 7 epic so far. (900 battles)

I can confirm that I had a legendary ingot drop while playing casual PVP.


So after 1000 battles it seems like the rates are APPROX

R 1:5
UR 1:40
E 1:100

L & M it’s far too early to say rates. But at a guess I’d say L 1:500 and M 1:1000

Ingots are like Chaos orbs for me.
I continue to get F’d…I mean…I continue to experience “bad luck”. 🤦

I’m having a bit more luck than you. I haven’t done as many battles as you yet but so far I’m at

112 - Common
32 - Rare
8 - Ultra Rare
1 - Epic
0 - Legendary and Mythic

All battles so far have been ranked PvP after getting to Tier 1 before the update



Good info to have, be interesting to see if luck holds to 1000 battles. Lol, I just added your good luck to Awryan’s bad luck and it’s pretty close to my approx. avg.

I’m currently sitting at

663 common Ingots
132 rare Ingots
25 ultra rare Ingots
6 Epic Ingots
1 Legendary Ingot
1 Mythic Ingot

but I’ve converted some commons into rare and upgraded 1 rare weapon to +6 already. So, I don’t know what my full total is at the moment. Have not done PvP Tier 1 for the week (thankfully)

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Loving my +5 sword of heroes, even though it’s not that great…

No, I’m saying that after having seen the results of 77 battles the higher rarities are scarce enough to safely be ignored in the big picture. It takes a while to appreciate the whole impact, the patch has essentially removed kingdoms higher than 7 stars for everybody who wasn’t grandfathered into them.

  • You need to fully upgrade two kingdom weapons for 8 stars.
  • All except the oldest kingdoms only have weapons of legendary rarity and higher.
  • You need 45 Legendary Ingots to fully upgrade such a weapon, more than 2000 to meet all current 8 star requirements.
  • You received 1 (!) Legendary Ingot from roughly 1000 (!) PvP fights, doing that many fights in a month (!) is considered highly active enough to get you into almost any Top 10 guild.
  • Gem chests seem to have an Ingot rate of 1:10, weighted heavily towards Ultra-Rare. No numbers yet, I’d except Legendary Ingots from 1000 gem chests to be less than 5, after having converted lower rarities in the Soul Forge.

Unless there is a realistic way for average players to earn 50 Legendary Ingots each week (which would still take a year to completely catch up on those 8 star blockers), I’d except torches and pitchforks to come into high demand.

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I think there is epic and UR weapons in every kingdom? Much easier to upgrade than legendary. If you don’t have them yet devs promised more ways of getting older weapons in future.

Edit: Just checked and there are some kingdoms that would currently require a legendary. Hopefully more weapons will be released in future events.