The new Arena is very bad

I don’t like the new Arena games. I feel pathetic in that game since the latest update.
It is not a jolly experience playing with totally different cards those don’t match for each other much lower of my level and not with my own cards. Even if the rewards are very good it can be heavily considered if l want to play with that. I loved the old Arena so much because there was a lot of challenge in it and l could chose cards on a level that l have never played. And there was no reroll. That was much better. Or even that was GREAT.


Unpopular opinion time: I believe the new Arena is actually better. It lets you choose Epic troops, which you couldn’t use before, and it’s shorter and gives better rewards for fewer battles. Plus you get an extra Daily Deal if you get to five battles and 10% off that if you win all six. You can get those up to three times a day. I’ll admit I won’t play Arena just to get points and rewards in Arena of Valor, but I have to admit I actually like the new Arena. Not that there was much wrong with the first though, this is just better in my opinion, but I guess opinion is subjecive.


Popular opinion time: It is now an horrible mode, so I avoid it by all cost. You should do the same @pariki. We may see a new Arena in about 5 years, but it is also a chance that we will never see any new Arena at all. I will bet on the later.


It’s horrible, the intention is good, in practice it’s unplayable.
It is necessary to improve the selection of troops. :-1:

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I suspected the new arena sucked since its launch but I just now decided “what the hell” and gave it a try.

First set, lost matches 2 and 3. I got a whole 5 valor for my time investment.

Second set, lost matches 3 and 6. I got 30 valor and a “special offer”.

In both sets, the AI got Puzzle Quest-caliber amounts of skyfalls and just kept hitting me with spell after spell mixed up with skull skyfalls.

What aspect of this is supposed to be “fun/rewarding”, again? Back to ignoring this joke of a game mode.


The special offers are very dear, don’t you think?

I do prefer the new arena but it is still the second worst activity in the game (Treasure Hunt of course takes that prize).

I ignore the Arena Event whenever it is ongoing and only do Arena runs for the daily offers even if 95% of them are useless.

For sanity’s sake I advise only trying runs with OP troops that deal massive amounts of scatter damage or damage to all like Lasher,Volthrenax,Illithid Servitor,Midget Swarm,etc.
If you don’t get any of them reroll. Quicker than having to slog through battles with a subpar team and risk losing before reaching the daily offers.

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Most of complaints about current Arena could actualy be said about previous version of it.
I prefer current Arena over the previous one, but that’s not my fauvorite mode either.

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Just clarifying – which rewards do you like more than in the previous edition?

Also, iirc, the devs believed the time taken to complete a 6-victory run without the hero was roughly equal to an 8-victory run with:

Realistically, this should mean that rewards can be directly compared, although re-reading the next part of the Patch Notes leaves me a bit unsure about that:

It did seem like even if you enjoy the mode, you didn’t feel the rewards were worth your time, also, even in the special Arena event (Arena of Valor) – is that right?

It could be both kind of card type in it, one week a higher another week a lower valued, that would make everybody contended.

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For me, playing the Arena game mode is worse than going to the dentist, and I really hate going to the dentist. It is literally painful to play and from the moment I click ‘battle’ I can’t wait for the match to finish.

I do not participate at all in the arena weekend event, in the hope that if enough people do the same and avoid playing this game mode, then eventually the stats will show the developers that it needs to be changed.


It is not about rewards, it is about the card values. If l am at level 100, it really is not worth to play at beginner level with cards level 10-15. That is as if l restart the whole gems of war games from the beginning, it is senseless and totally waste of time.

But that’s what the whole mode about… each players starts with 4 cards of different rarity, all are traitless and fixed to lvl 15… also lvl 15 is level cap for any summoned troops…

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Even more unpopular opinion time. I sort of like the new Arena, especially after the draft adjustment. You now need to work with all troops, no more Dawnbringer spamming. If you have a reasonably good understanding of what troops do you can still maintain a 99% win rate. However, you might want to look up rewards again, the nerf was nothing less than brutal. I suspect if they had kept rewards even remotely on par with the old Arena it would have been received much better. I also believe that playing for a shop offer is going entirely into the wrong direction.


I’m a little confused at how the ability to buy something is considered a reward. Then again, IP2/505 think their Bonus Buy events are “sales”, so…


Offers are not a reward, they cost money. You can buy gems mostly for money. You have to possess a lot of gems for buying something, so you have to spend a lot of money to buy gems. You can buy the offers for gems, so they are not rewards. This is all about money. I calculated. If l collect the gems daily, l might get 2-5 gems daily, l might be able to buy something on them by the year 2040. Unless I buy them.


Your gem income increases astonishingly as your kingdoms advance in level.


If there is one great positive I can state regarding Gem’s monetization is that they are extremely generous with their premium currency income for long time players.

Being in a guild that can clear all tasks and having kingdoms somewhat capped I’m easily able to buy tier 4 weekly events and some random tiers for pets/faction assault/weekend events and daily/arena offers and still have a net positive at the end of the week, even enabling me to splurge on the monthly new delves to buy potions of Power. And I don’t collect that many tributes (definitely the main source of gems).

So for sure, daily offers are more enticing for high level players and not something that a new player should worry about but at least gem income is only blocked by game progression that can be overcome solely with time played and not behind some crappy VIP level or other mechanic that would require monetization.


I’d argue that Gems aren’t really much of a premium currency any longer, they’ve slowly shifted towards being the game currency to buy event energy with. The new premium currency that buys you premium content (like Chaos Orbs, old event weapons and campaign rewards) is money.


Ugh. The new arena is one of the few things I will actively complain about. This is mainly due to the fact that I am one of the unicorns that played arena a lot and enjoyed it a lot before the changes. I played it regularly, long before I got Dawnbringer. I used the mode as a newbie to really learn about team building. Removing the hero/weapon kind of killed that since it no longer represents the rest of the game. Yes it’s still highly winnable. So…yay?

You are correct that the rewards took a big hit, also. So for me, the gameplay aspect was rendered pointless and the rewards no longer worth the time. On a positive note, it’s not any more difficult than pre-nerf. I also applaud the draft order change.

I would like to see weapons return. If dawnbringer is the issue, why not limit rarity on weapons? Perhaps that would have been hard to code. I’ll give the benefit of the doubt on that. At the end of the day, while I really hate the changes to arena, I understand that very few of us liked it before. Something had to be done with it, and you can’t please everyone. :woman_shrugging: