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Arena Worst Event Ever?

One round of rewards during a weekend event seems feasible, but single day event - three attempts (for daily offers’ sake) are more than enough before it gets too annoying.
While rewards are nothing to send elating letters home about, they’re not the real problem here - non-engaging and no-fun gameplay is. (The biggest offender is mechanically replacing flexible option with a random one without giving anything in return; I’m sure you read more feedback on shortcoming in the other Arena thread.)

I did play three or more runs for the first several days yet don’t even bother with that anymore - stopped after four wins for campaign task and haven’t touched Arena after that this week, for example.


I guess I just don’t see how it’s more fun than it used to be. The only significant change is that it takes longer, for less reward. The rewards before were nothing amazing before, honestly. Lowering them seems down right punitive. But it’s basically the same arena only it takes longer and there is more dumb luck involved. I used to enjoy doing a few arena runs a day. Now I’d rather eat broken glass. You like the changes, so I guess yay. Not a total fail if a few people like it.


Congratulations, everyone!

I dunno what’s going on in developers brains, but Arena this week will be on MONDAY and FRI-SUN.

So I wanted to ask developers: “Are you nuts?! Seriously? The worst event ever covers FOUR frigging days?”


They are not nuts. They are only refusing to try out the arena themselves. I bet they would had loved it lol


They have Beta testers for that, but again - I think they’re just lazy to think of the substitution. They like “We won’t be changing arena much, we’ll just add MORE arena”

And personally, I think they don’t give a crap about the feedback their loyal users are posting here.


OK, I’ve also hated arena. But arena without weapons and a trash troop preset? Are you nuts? And you force me to play it in campagin?

GO … YOU … !!!


I’m not crazy about the Spoopy Imp in arena either. Takes too much mana to be very useful.

And after a couple of runs, he’s getting annoying. I wouldn’t mind it so much if the troop was one of the options every run, instead of required - that way I might pick him if I thought he would work for the team, but skip if not. And he (hopefully) wouldn’t be on EVERY enemy team.


The real imp here is the game designers for having the gall to put the arena in the campaign. And imp as meaning fully impudent to their player base.


That’s why i buy only things I think that I see as worth the expense (general rule of my spending).
That’s also why i probably haven’t bought a single thing in GoW yet (but things might change in future, who knows…)

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If there was a possibility to reimburse every purchase I made there, I would gladly be doing this now and remove the game completely from my PS as the game became the worst in a matter of a year.

Developers simply killing a thing that was worth playing with insane decisions and bad communication level with their players community.


That’s really an issue with the overall campaign design though. Other games allow you to work on all their battle pass tasks in parallel, so you can avoid a few tasks you dislike without missing out on rewards. This game railroads you into a fixed sequence, trying to deadlock your progress at every opportunity possible. While it might not be intentional, it strongly feels like the less welcome tasks were only included to pressure players into paying a second time, for skip fees.


Grats on Paragon. I lost out on Paragon B7 due to a bug with the game and Ipad staying in memory, despite not using it, as I forgot to shut down/force close Ipad earlier in the week. When I picked it up Saturday, it kept a Grave Seer in my Saturday team, which I changed on PC 5 days earlier…

I sympathise.

I refuse to spend any more on the game, I’ll manage without the campaign, even if $1 - until they start fixing things, which I have consistently said for at least 18 months. Fixing things also includes having a clue about gameplay, and ‘Fun’.

Concentrating on Arena, it’s just an infliction as is… and being forced to play it to complete a campaign.

4 days of it this week = how to drive players away…

I did it yesterday, or this morning in the small hours whilst watching telly and I got the jewels twice and some daft offer of useless stuff. I regretted doing it again…think it was feinting Sunday morning and seeing an Imperial Deed (Dodo) in the AB and feeling that I needed another. My Bad! :slight_smile:


One day at a time, friend. “I may play arena tomorrow, but I’m not playing it today”.

That is the approach I took to campaigns. I completed it on one account so far, not including this week. Some of the others are at 94 or 74. A few of the gold tasks get done without even looking at. Really? I killed that many Orcs, without even doing the event the first week?

I’ll see those little exclamation points, and collect the meager rewards, and think: “oh that next one doesn’t look too difficult”. But other me is there to remind myself “no chunky, remember, we’re not doing those on this account”. Whatever it takes, one day at a time.

gl hf, and congrats on Paragon. That is a great achievement, as is giving up on arena. I believe you can do that as well. Strength and Honor.


Class event > arena event

And I always skip the class event …


I got the first writs from the valor tracker and I’m done. I instantly retired on a bunch of attempts, feels like the troops on offer got worse. I expect it’s not changed, but it sure FEELS like it.


Being forced to draft Spooky Imp today makes the ‘event’ even worse :frowning_face:


Campaign stalling and annoyance is very much intentional. Previously we’ve had to fight 6 dungeons and this week it’s 2 full adventure boards. Plus we have the Arena task and the much loved treasure map challenge. I quit for the day after that tasty morsel. My commitment and enjoyment of this game is on a free fall. Campaign pass? Never will I buy that. Game pass is far better value by a mile. That’s where I am enjoying most of my game time now. Gems has just sickened me and my appetite will never recover.


Due to the upcoming legendary troop release, wonder if the Ghost Queen will be the preset troop during Arena weekend. Honestly, looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend of casual play (at 3 arenas each day, I’ll get my 60 deeds). Yesterday, I just grabbed my 10 diamonds (again 3 arenas), and probably won’t touch arena until the weekend.

TLDR: FOMO and F2P tactics make us feel required to do everything in the game. But we can pick and choose what we do and how we play.

There’s a lot of FOMO (fear of missing out) in this game. We must:

  • Collect tributes every hour
  • Do all dailies, which consist of:
    • Adventure board
    • Dungeons
    • Sometimes killing 150 enemies of a color that you somehow didn’t over the course of the day
    • 3 delves (which can be postponed for another day)
    • 3 arenas (in case you like it or are hoping for a specific offer)
  • Do all events available to us
  • Reach PVP tier 1 on Mondays
  • Complete a faction to 500 on faction weekends
  • Complete all campaign tasks
  • Maximize our rewards by playing as much as possible

Newsflash: We don’t really have to do any of that. In another thread, someone decided all they want to do is play treasure maps.

The worst case scenario is your progress will be slower. Maybe your guild demands too much from you. Find another guild. Maybe the game is too stressful overall. Take a break. As @ChunkyMono said in very eloquent words for an orc,

Arguably, the weekend faction event is the only true necessity because some factions are extremely difficult/expensive without potions. Yet there are many people at 1k+ who have less than 1k total renown. Why? Because they don’t care about delves the same way many don’t care about arena.


You seriously just need to move on from gems. The game isn’t changing that drastically to adjust your opinion of it. You choose to play the arena to your own detriment. Gems is not a game to be won, only played. If you have no more goals and things to strive for, move on. There are thousands of gatchas like it. Assuming your “woe is me” posts are going change anything Is wasteful.

The discontent is real and im not dismissing those who feel that way. But to constantly beat a dead horse that you manufactured for yourself, doesn’t move the needle. Arena sucks, don’t play it, simple. If you don’t like other events or modes, simple, join guilds that meet your requirements so you play at your pace. FOMO is only as real as you make it out to be.


Delete delete delete. Arena still sucks and you can just go…have a nice day.