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[ Poll ] Do you partake in the weekend Arena event?

Was polling it on my stream, but was curious where data on the forum would fall.

Do you partake in the weekend arena event:

  • Yes
  • No

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Nope. I farm gold in explore instead.

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Not usually, but this week I needed some quick trophies, because I wasn’t playing at the start of the week. Only to the first orb though…

No, just do three daily arena as usual.


No, so i dont play so much gems this weekend, the only positive thing about this event ^^

I no longer play Arena in general, so I play other games & take a break from GoW during the weekend Arena event. :upside_down_face:


One weekend I did two rounds or orbs… I was bored and arena can be relaxing, even if the rewards are bad.

I usually don’t bother with the daily arenas; I’m still opposed to the fact the game requires grinding (arena games) to open a mystery shop (have to use gems, a real world currency, to get some item you may not want because they don’t let you know ahead of time unlike dungeons).

Every now and then I try with arena because it can be a relaxing game mode, but setting up can be frustrating. Sometimes I’ll get a bad team so will reroll, but it’s still bad so then retire and try again. I wish there was an infinite reroll even if a gold cost was attached to it, much like PvP casual reroll.

Currently I have no plans for this weekend. Since it’s just arena, I’m going to play another gacha that’s taking over my wallet.

Got a bit more data to add.

The poll for my morning stream had 61 votes with 59% no and 41% yes. Apparently around 100% of them wanted to watch arena though, since 80% of the stream was arena runs. XD

Seems like the low rewards is the main thing keeping people from partaking directly with it.


Only for the first chaos orb.

I do NOT recommend anyone without all their classes to 100 waste their time with it though.


I play it on and off and usually go to the first orb, sometimes to the second. I find Arena kind of relaxing and also a fun reminder that there are troops outside my usual favorites and the PvP meta.

The gaps between rewards get brutal after the second loop. I’d really like to see the scaling tweaked a little. Either keep the rewards the same but turn down the exponential increase a bit so that the 3rd loop is achievable without horrendous grind, or keep the intervals the same but make the rewards progressively better so that you get rewards that are more commensurate with the effort.


First time I played to second orb. Then I reduced that to second writs. Then first orb. Now it’s just 3/day for the offers and the writs.

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I voted yes, but barely. I do my 3 daily runs and a couple extra to get to the first writs and call it done.

The rewards are not worth it for most. And for many, they don’t even know what the rewards are, since they can only see the next upcoming reward

The whole arena event feels like a placeholder.


I’m not sure how to vote here as it’s both yes and no for me. Yes, I do 3 Arena runs daily for the extra offers, which would be just enough to get the first 60 writs on Sunday if all 9 of those weekend runs result in getting all 6 wins. But no, I don’t play any extra Arena during an event weekend than what I would normally do anyway.


I usually can’t even make myself do daily Arena runs, let alone a whole weekend lol

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I love the new arena. You just have to know what troops to use and reroll until you find the right teams. It takes some gold but the speed is worth it. I do until. The first chaos orbs. I have all classes done.

I also do 3 runs daily


No, I only play arena for the 3 daily offers.

Hate it with a passion.


I do exactly the same.
Since I always do 3 arena runs per day, I only need to do 5 extra runs during the whole weekend in order to get the orb.


Same here…

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Absolutely detest Arena, but I’ve a sneaking suspicion that if most hate it, 505 will make sure it stays :frowning: