Do You Play Arena Events?

I’m curious!

  • I play Arena only on Area events.
  • I play Arena outside of Arena events.
  • I never play Arena.

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Feel free to discuss your choice!


Yes and no. I do play Arena every day, event or not, but ONLY for the 3 daily offers to try for more imperials and writs. But Arena event rewards would need a serious buff for me to even consider doing more than my usual 3 runs a day.


I play three runs almost daily. Unless I need to save all gems, then it doesn’t make sense and it’s not really worth doing.

I tend to play a few extra to make it to the first orb but tbh it’s not worth the effort. Arena event rewards are terrible.

So long as I have the Gems to spend on daily offers, I usually play three runs on days when there isn’t an all-day Pest Rescue running; Pest Gnomes show up often enough (for my tastes) that I wouldn’t want to waste one because it’s the wrong day.

Mind you, I don’t spend on very many dialy offers. Pests on the rare occasion that I’m blocked in a kingdom that way but have applicable non-cosetic/non-delve pests that aren’t at mythic. Imperial Deeds and War Coins on the rare occasions they show up. And I’ll splurge on Medals if I have a decent-sized Gem stash and I’m getting the 10% discount.

But I don’t object to the Arena the way many others do; it’s an interesting (to me) diversion from the usual paradigm of play. Plus it’s also a way to farm a handful of Glory Keys every day.

But I don’t play the Arena events beyond what I’d normally do on a typical weekend. Maybe one extra Arena on Sunday if I’m that close to the next reward, but the rewards aren’t really worth the effort and the time investment.

I am stunned by the dedication! I would like the daily offers but playing Arena makes me want to play a different game :joy:


Poll needed another option: Only play for the offers.


I have quite a few Imperial Deeds, but am severely blocked by Books of Deeds that I no longer care about the offers. I haven’t played any arena other than required for campaign tasks in a long time.


I enjoy the challenge of arena often I only squeeze in the 3 a day for the offers but sometimes I add a couple more just for fun. Mostly the reason I do less is grinding for medals and gold in explore 12, doing pvp for pet rescues and glory and leveling up classes. Once I finish maxing the last few classes I will get a lot more chance to play arena. It is all about the teams you pick with what you have and using board control to either starve their key troops feed your key troops or both hopefully. You get used to which troops pose a real threat in arena. If you ever wanna chat about arena strategy feel free to message me maybe you will find it more fun and less painful.


I used to play Arena like it was my religion. Then the game started sinking deeper and deeper into microtransaction hell. Sure, it’s more fair now that the hero weapon is no longer a factor into the proceedings(I hated facing Dawnbreaker, it was a faceroll weapon in Arena) and it depends more on what you pick and your skill, but they even monetized that with the daily offers(in that you can pay money for the gems that let you buy them) and that’s when I had enough. Realistically you could win with any team. In the game’s eyes however, your realistic odds mean nothing.

Thanks to vault weekends and GAP added to your hourly tributes and event rewards you can now get a lot of gems for free. I’m a free to play player and have never found myself struggling for gems. Bought all the levels of the soulforge and always buy at least enough forge scrolls for one or more doomed weapons upgrades in the ToD events. It does take a lot of playing on vault weekends though but that is the best chance to stockpile a lot of gems. It also helps if you are in a guild getting a lot of legendary tasks done as you get gems through a lot of the keys as well.

From current results with 28 votes, looks like the split across this forum is about 50/50 playing it outside events (likely for daily offers) and never touching it. I have a feeling the numbers for “never touching it” are higher for more casual players (less likely to be on forums) who don’t care enough to spend the time doing Arena.

I don’t know that I’d call myself casual, as I play every day, but I’m certainly not a hardcore player and I couldn’t bear doing Arena each day… I’d lose my mind!

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Sums up my feelings towards arena.
Or as my irl friend calls it, “a weekend off from the game”.

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Similar to others, I only play Arena for 3 offers every day, so that’s also the amount I play for the Arena weekend (which happens to be the point where you get the first Writ rewards). I have stopped playing it for quite a while, but turned out that it is the entry ticket to “end-game”, so I am back for daily offers.

I love this event, because everyone in the guild knows I’ll not be around during the Arena weekends.


I play 3 daily matches for the occasional pet/war coin offers and pet gnome chance (though pet gnomes like to appear on Wednesdays for me…). However, I don’t invest that much more time during the event. Up to first orb of chaos and even that seems too much.

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Arena is trash since the revamp. The rewards are awful (giving me the chance to buy something is not a reward, giving me something free is a reward) and I prefer faster-paced battles so it just feels like a drag, especially without being able to use the Hero.

I tried it a couple times for campaign tasks early on but now I just reroll the task. I’d rather do more Adana explores…at least I can potentially get a Nysha token from those.


I second this. Go back to allowing weapons and might as well add classes to work on those.

Used to play it daily for the offers.

Haven’t touched it for 2 months and glad I did.

Time better served not forcing myself to do it far better than the time, previously spent on it.


Only 3 arena a day for the offers

I cant be bothered with it now. I dont like the fact that the troop selection is full of “boss killers based on their ascension” troops. Pointless to include any of these!

Also the choices are always mana blocked and the AI will always gain stats.

It is broken!

It is a shame really, because it is a real challenge and kind of old school Gems.

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