Do You Play Arena Events?

I used to play it sometimes, then it got tedious. Then I played again for a while for the offers, but decided it wasn’t worth the time and hassle.

Now if it turns up as part of the Campaign I re-roll or I can afford the Gems to skip it.

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Some of the boss killers make decent troops. They don’t exclude any troop simply because it is a boss or tower killer or bounty troop they include them all and it is RNG what you get. Sometimes your troops are mana blocked due to selection sometimes they aren’t because selections are also RNG based. There are tactics that can be used to mitigate these bad selection complaints as well. The AI doesn’t always gain stats lol they only do if they have troops that do that and you let them cast and even then you can still beat them if you picked a good team. If you make bad selections based on what was offered because you didn’t plan around what was offered well you can exit the game and you will be back at the start of the selection process with the same troop lineups.
You do get to re-roll selection once if RNG was very unlucky that lineup as well.
You may not like arena but these points as to why are baseless.
Examples of useful godslayer troops.
Eldritch Guardian is among one of the best arena troops there are and it is a godslayer :man_shrugging:


Fair enough :+1:

The mode is still too much rng and boring though for the rewards. I guess it is cool for the trophies for new players, but once you hit the Phoenicia Team build, that is faster to get trophies. :slight_smile:

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I would not have played arena events even if someone paid me. That how much I dislike it.


I run Arena every once in a while. It’s a somewhat slower game mode, feels a lot like Gems of War played the first few months. You can’t just copy a meta team and rush through battles, you need to know a bit about team building and pay attention to the board. With a bit of practice it’s pretty easy to win 9 out of 10 runs, even without rerolling. Shame there wasn’t any budget for proper event rewards.


I feel arena is the only place in the game where you can truely show your skills at the actual game. You cant bring your stats, weapons, wallet, or severe grind face roll addiction (boom 1shot xmillion) and have to actually be good at the actual game.

The rewards are terrible however and it at least needs a leaderboard and thats at least!

What does this say about people who dislike arena? Idk but hopefully its just that you are smart enough not to waste your time instead of just being bad at the game…

I think its fun not to 1 shot all day and actually think through battles. Ive even won multiple arenas where i let my chat on a yt live pick the worst team they could for me and i never reroll.

Different strokes for different folks situation i guess.

Btw what up @havok6669 lets make up n be friends i think we 2 much like each other lol (if you the same havok sorry if not)

Ill do my part. I forget why anyway


I can’t recall a point where we didn’t get along lol but we can be friends if you want I do like your vids. You helped me learn when I was still new. I am subbed but I haven’t watched for a minute. Yeah even with a bad team you can work your way through with board control. Once in awhile you will face a team with Volthrenax or some other king of arena and RNG drops too many yellows and blues for them and you lose a match but it is rare to lose a second match before getting to at least battle 5. I think I have lost matches before round 5 only 3-4 times. I like the challenge of trying to push through with the team you are given and never use the tactic of just keep spending 1k and re-rolling then forfeiting until you get a really OP team.

For my part, arena feels like an awful waste of time.

a) Can’t use my hero, so I’m wasting my time on a game mode where I can’t progress my classes. Why would I even want to do that in a game that is all about progress?
I can understand that long time players who have already max leveled all their classes might not care, but I’m not there. And besides, I already went through enormous amount of time & effort to level/trait/whatever them, why would I not want to use them?

b) It is unbearably painfully slow. No mana surges, nothing to help make it go a little faster. My ADHD brain goes AAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRGGGGGHHHHH.

c) Rewards. Something goes wrong and you fail your run? Enjoy a bit fat nothing for all the time you wasted on it. And even if you do succeed, the rewards feel lame, and then you get some random gem offer that you have to pay for…
So uh… you waste a lot of time to get a random chance at paying for some puny kickback for the time you wasted on it.

Sorry, but… that’s not a reward. That’s a sadistic punishment. Even worse: the damn button for the gem offer is placed exactly at same spot as the button you click on to collect the “reward” for wasting your time on this mode, tricking you into accidentally buying them when you didn’t intend to do so, with no way to back out of it!.

No thanks. And that’s my polite version of my thoughts about arena.


Background info - I didn’t play Arena when I took up this game in 2017, then there was the “remove Dawnbringer from Arena” issue…I played a few games to see what all the fuss was about and started playing Arena daily for one single goal - in your face, Dawnbringer! You can’t touch me! - without ever using it myself even when I crafted one; then they removed the weapon in question from Arena defense teams and I stopped playing the mode because it didn’t make sense to me anymore.

After 5.2 update in October 2020, I started playing Arena again and now do the 3 daily runs, sometimes a few more - in my eyes it has its charm, I don’t see it as a waste of my time or chore or pain in the backside or whatever since I don’t play for the rewards (the same as me playing Treasure Hunt).

Also, I’ve used the re-roll option once right after it was implemented to see how it worked and never since - re-rolling until one finds overpowered troop, to me at least, defies the whole fun of playing Arena in the first place. Explore is a perfect place for that sort of thing and that’s where I do it (but even then it’s using different explore teams, jumping kingdoms…everlasting Slayer/Zuul in Ghulvania is not for me). What I get is what I use - sometimes the troops are perfect, sometimes not so much, sometimes more mana-blocked, other times less, but overall it’s fine and lost runs are quite rare.

Looking back, the removal of hero was one of the best things that happened and I find it hard to imagine bringing the hero back to Arena: I would likely abandon the game mode again.

Welcome improvement, however, would be seeing all 12 offered troops at once - as has been suggested multiple times already…and whatever happened to this:

Arena of Valor also will support a pre-set Troop that will replace one of the regular troop draft picks.

The Troop will be given each time a player starts an Arena run during the Event.
The Troop is not limited by the normal rarities available in Arena (e.g. Common, Rare, Ultra-Rare, Epic).
These pre-set Troops may not happen in every Arena Event.

I recall testing this in Beta but cannot remember any actual Arena Event with pre-selected troop active (@Kafka, @Jeto, @OminousGMan, anybody?)

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We had at least one event with a preset troop. I think it was some kind of Imp, Spooky Imp maybe? Fighting the same troop over and over again wasn’t really received well.


These are basically my thoughts on the mode too, but I do respect that it’s a unique mode and other players may enjoy it. If there were meaningful rewards other than the gem offers, I might give it another chance.

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I feel like this is shooting yourself in the foot. If you don’t like the game mode, then the LAST thing you should do is signal the game developers that fun is secondary to rewards.

You’re only going to make the game worse for yourself and everyone else too by doing so.


Possibly, I meant more that since I played it a few times and didn’t like it, the awful rewards give me zero incentive to ever try it again to see if I enjoy it. Lots of people already play it even though they hate it so that they can spend gems on rewards, unfortunately.

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I used to hate arena! A few weeks ago a few of my guild members broke it down for me, and i found you get maaaaad trophies from it. Since then, i’ve slowly gotten better and better. Plus it sort of teaches you how to build a structured team. Definitely a fan :slight_smile:


The rewards are so atrociously bad for the time investment that it’s simply not worth it. Not to mention that the rewards become harder to get the more you play, which is quite opposite to how it should be. Yes, it’s “repeatable” in that way, but it makes it simply not fun to play.

It’s similar to how the pity vault keys are repeatable. You can kill as many gnomes as you are able to and get vault keys for doing so, but it requires more and more gnomes to get to the next vault key. The difference is that while you’re killing the gnomes, you’re getting the same rewards from those gnomes. In Arena, you’re getting terrible rewards already (because it’s Arena), on top of terrible rewards for doing the event.


77 votes, 58% of forum-dwellwers never play Arena. And we represent dedicated players :grimacing:

Just because it is the majority doesn’t always mean that is a good thing.

I am surprised that 42 % is playing it to be brutally honest.

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I play more before the update. Then they ruined Arena.

For some players, they are afraid of missing out on the rewards of 60 writs and a minor orb of chaos.

Every 6 wins (5 wins if you start with a free win because of VIP) earns you 50 valor. So you need a minimum of 14 arena runs to earn 3 gem keys, 1000 shards (10 diamonds), 2 event keys, 60 writs, and 1 minor orb of chaos.

To get all of that x2, you need a minimum of 50 arena runs. To get all that x3, you need a minimum of 108 arena runs.

Maximum would be higher if you, for instance, end the arena run with like 5 wins and 2 losses, since you’d only get 30 valor instead of 50.

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