Idea to replace arena

i am making a new thred because the olderons seem to get muted from the cx teams end.

arena is probably the worst event in the game.

how about making merchants appear more. like a vault event gnomes show more

call it simply merchant weekend.

devs it would be a gem sink for those farming for stuff.


Or give us really good rewards like, deeds, books, dragonite, medals, and shiny keys.


Yes - most people take the weekend off and do not play at all. I just did a few Arenas but heck they take so long it is really not worth it for the puny rewards, so I am quitting. Already there is no Class XP in Arena - why can Class XP not be added??? Add weapons and classes with no traits…And then better rewards. Why can it not have better rewards? I do not understand the reasoning behind this event.

I actually like the Arena since it is not just repetitive banging of the same troops, but it does take very long and deserves better rewards.

Otherwise it is just a weekend of no playing for everyone.


I can appreciate why people would want arena replaced with something more meaningful and producttive, but i like arena weekends cos itgives the playerbase a break from an ever increasing amount of tasks the devs keep throwing at us. :slight_smile:


Our expectations on what weekends should look like have really been messed up since they combined vault events with verse gnomes. At least I do no want this to become the new “normal”.
Slow events, that give you a little nudge towards modes, you would not play otherwise, do not sound that bad as a concept. Treasure hunt would be another of those forgotten stepchildren.

I’m not saying, that anything is better than running explore 1 for hours, but the number of things that are worse in this game is rather limited.

100% agree on this, arena isn’t bad as game mode, but unfortunately it has awful rewards…
What about giving something decent? Put deeds in arena rewards and everyone will play it

Same for treasure hunts


Arena is the worst mode in the game. Even if you would receive a Dragon Boss incl. Diamantina, a random mythic, a pet, 1 million gold and 100.000 glory for each battle, I still wouldn’t play or recommend Arena in it’s current state …

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The way the game has changed recently the arena weekend is a good break for the increased grind. If you want you don’t have to do much over the 3 daily offer runs to get to an orb which also includes a few writs. People already moan about ToD on a GW week and thus would add even more.

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Like I said in a different thread recently, somehow we all have a broken perception.
Why do we play game modes, we do not like, for good rewards?
Why do we not play game modes, we do like, if the rewards are bad?
Isn’t it kind of the whole point of games to have fun, instead of being a trained dog, who acts on commands?

I’m at least as guilty about this, and I hope, I can eventually find the will to break this habit.

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Arena weekend usually gives the devs and ourselves a little break from the endless grind.

The only thing I would suggest to change is to make a leaderboard of sorts for a gladiator gauntlet. See how long people can go undefeated and record the number of consecutive wins.

You could distribute rewards exactly like world events and other game modes. It could give people a chance to earn gems and chaos orbs without actually having to spend any gems. (It would cost quite some time though, depending on how competitive it gets):1st_place_medal:

Do you like to play vault? Thousands of mindless clicks, I doubt that anyone really likes it, but it’s the only way to get big rewards and grow your account, so you must play it
Arena gives you the opportunity to use troops that you wouldn’t use otherwise, it’s somewhat challenging, but rewards are awful
Result: everyone play vault and just a few players play arena