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A suggestion for thematic improvement to Arena game mode

Since Arena is a very tactical game mode, similar to high-end guildwars where you have to carefully consider each gem match, potential cascades, your own spells and your opponents’, it makes sense to me that wins in this game mode should award more HERO xp for each opponent defeated. I would love for it to get 6-8x as much, which would make it “even” with the XP/hour of a mindless grindfest rowanne team on d2 explore, but even just 2-3x as much would make it feel marginally less of an aggravating waste of time for mediocre rewards.


I would like to see 2x for every mode. But as long as they are selling 500xp for 500 gems in class events, it will stay as is.

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I think @beeflog is talking about hero xp, not class xp. So they can keep selling class xp uninterrupted :smiley:

Extra xp would be nice. Give us a reason to play.


Ah yeah, chalk that up to a 16 hour work shift today lol. My bad!