Why not Vault event instead of Arena

WE need another vault event not another arena, vault events helps the whole community

Yes please. Arena rewards are not worth the time spent batteling with useless troops


Arena events are a reason to take a much needed break from event grinding for many players. Vault events have the opposite effect.


Arena rewards, both the weekend event and normal rewards, need to be buffed. Arena events should give Cursed Runes for one of the rewards, and the amount of Valor increases between rewards should be reduced. As it is now, it would take a lot of Arena runs just to make a second lap through the reward track, and a lot more still to make a third lap.

Arena gold rewards, event or not, should be tripled to be more on par with 3 trophy pvp or Explore 12.

Although I thoroughly enjoy Vault weekends, having them too often would result in even more resource sinks, especially gems. Devs/505 aren’t going to want to make it too easy for players to hoard a large amount of gems. Besides, too many Vault weekends could cause more burnout amongst the playerbase.


they been spreading vault events out further each update we use to see a vault event more often then now, newer players also find vault weekend as a very satisfying weekend event. There is no use for arena for mid yo end gamer accounts most of these builds don’t even play arena they take that weekend away from the game.

i agree i go so hard on vault events im burned out for the week following

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Funnily enough, Switch is getting a Vault event this weekend.

But I agree that sometimes you get burned out on events for which seeing “Arena of Valor” is actually a sigh of relief because it lets you take the weekend easy. (For one, it’s basically the only event type without a landing page, visible reward ladder, etc)

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It seems they’re 6 weeks apart instead of 4.

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Not being able to stop playing the game without having an awful weekend event sounds like a personal problem. :sweat_smile:

Where are the tower of doom weekend events that at some point we were supposed to get?

Either significantly improve Arena Event or just drop it altogether. The way it is now it’s not worth playing.


I see arena event as a weekend off. If players are burning out during vault events then its on them. The devs underestimated how costly GaPs would be and that is probably why they are now less frequent. Personal events are a personal choice. I have no compassion for those who are glued to their console and complain thereafter.


I think it’s funny how the arena was just revamped and the arena event is still pretty new but it was dead upon arrival lol

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DoA like deep delves!


Arena rewards should be worth the time and to me Arena should be only one day event instead of the whole weekend. Arena weekend should be within a multi event weekend, like one day Arena, one day old cosmetic Pets rescue and 1 day event to get rare and needed resources such as Dragonite and Writs.


I do the daily Arena battles for the gem offers, especially since I’m in a particularly good spot with Kingdoms where I’m getting lots of offers I actually want. I also don’t mind the Arena revamp itself since it gives a chance to use non meta troops for a change. However, I have no desire whatsoever to participate in the weekend Arena events.

With GaPs making chaos orbs trivial to get, the only reward that’s being gated is writs. And let’s be honest, they could give 10x the writs in the Arena event and it still wouldn’t break the game economy at all, and might actual encourage people to play it. Writs need to be used in so many vital things like Doom scrolls that it’s crazy how the throttle hasn’t been loosened up on them. It honestly seems like deeds are way less scarce. Make Arena worth doing by making the writs flow!


so you like arena , you get no traits but AI gets every trait and the AI seems to get 4 matches where there is no 4 matches. Even if there is no way to move to find a four match the AI will. you have to use gems to get the real good rewards that you won in arena only time they are free loot is if you lose or win but and they bottom of a heap of bad loot, i like the grind and i dont complain about it, but arena sucks , get real why would i waste time on a bad idea to win and still have to pay gems to get my real good earned rewards. For many of us end gamers we are used to the grind that is how we got to be a end gamer . Plus the valor gain is so unbalanced.

Roughly the same as ctenn here. I do my three daily arena runs for the offers, in case there’s something good in there. And I do have a bit of fun with it, at least compared to pretty much every other game mode (well, tower is interesting, but maybe that’s just because it only happens every three months).
It’s something different, that shifts familiar balances around and makes you improvise a bit with every run.

Arena is not treasure hunt. It is a mode that still has a couple of small benefits. Nothing too tempting for new players, but as a veteran, it becomes more attractive.
Would not actively aim for weekend reward tiers though. Too little for too much effort in a rather time-consuming mode.

P.S.: There’s so much wrong in the posting right above me, that I won’t even try to pick that apart.


Factual error: There are no traits on either side of an Arena match.

Feel free to hyperbole as much as you want, just don’t cross the line into things that can be actually, factually disproven in two seconds.

Yes, I’ve seen the AI’s arena teams get some stupid luck but that is hardly any different from standard matches in other modes.

And don’t dismiss the number of times when it’s YOU who gets the same stupid luck and wind up shredding the AI in just the opening few turns.


then why do they get barrier when the troop dont have barrier or any of the troops have barrier but only in their traits same with freeze and silence or maybe i’m just unlucky and so are others

“Why?” Show me a screenshot/video and I’ll analyze it for explanations.

Or at least name which Troop was involved. If this was during Arena runs, any status buffs (barrier, etc) would be part of the spell’s description.


You should also consider to check the english version of the troops to be sure nothing is missing or missspelled in your language if you use another language then english.