So I heard Arena was being changed

Whatcha doing to it?

Nerfing Arena gold in reaction to “exploits” that we may have been using for years? :laughing:


They have been frustratingly mum. I hope that means “we still don’t know” more than “we don’t want to tell you~”.

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Arena’s the one mode I still give a Gorbil’s poo penble about. If they ruin that mode too, I’m pretty much over this game.

They already “ruined” it by removing class XP earlier this year?


Arena is going to become a 100-team winner-take-all battle royale mode.

That brings back memories from another life, riding the lift in Warlords of Draenor. A brief life of glory, but a good life none the less. I fought in that Arena a lot more than I have in the GoW Arena.

Back when Daily Tasks were a thing, I’d swap out Arena before I’d swap out Treasure Maps. And I hate Treasure Maps. I could never remember which troops I selected, and would end up with 3 troops blocking each other’s mana.

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nerfing soul is more likely, maybe they’ll exchange them to few gems (sapphire, ruby, etc but not diamond), 1 or 2 writs…


I’ll take jewels.

My guess is Explore is a hint. There are going to be difficulty levels, and rewards will scale based on difficulty.

There’s going to be a new currency you use for a new thing that both gates Kingdom Power and conveys a tiny stat boost. You’ll only get it from Arena, and you still won’t get class XP.

I don’t know how they’re going to resolve those things with the draft gameplay. Perhaps you’ll get to pick a new troop at the end of every match and it’s “play until 2 losses”. Maybe you’ll get to spend gems to revive a missing troop or something. It won’t be what this batch of players wanted, which is really just “please adjust the rewards a little”.


The Arena battles you do were not included in this list. Yeah, on an 8-0 or 8-1, you get more trophies per battle than doing 8 3-trophy PVP battles(30 vs 24), but what’s an extra up-to-8?