6.9 Update: Trials of the Conqueror

Originally published at: 6.9 Update: Trials of the Conqueror – Gems of War

Trials are a new system that will be replacing Challenges within a Kingdom. They teach new players game mechanics and give useful resources while Epic Trials reward experienced players with Starry Kingdom Pets which increase the Kingdom Team Bonus. Trials have a single battle for each Tier. Trials will give players a team of Troops…


Waiting for it to land on Android – for me the updates always seem to arrive late in the day – but just wanted to jump in and say: thanks for the very comprehensive release notes.

(and on edit: oh, there it is!)

I have my concerns about removing rerolls, mainly when we get broken tasks that randomly show up. Maybe the new tasks are super streamlined and don’t involve anything kingdom related and nothing will ever be broken. Wait and see I guess.

Interesting. Will be curious to see how much the reward path has been shrunk to compensate…

I’m “happy” about this change, but would need to see it in action first.


Where the hell is the gem dragon egg rework??? How hard is it to either just fix it or communicate your plans with a timeframe less vague than sometime this year?


The new achievements aren’t showing up on the xbox. Any idea when they’ll be going live?

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They actually start at 300 & go to 500. Big difference


It shouldn’t be “if they do not own at least four copies of all Troops on the Trial team ascended to mythic”?

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They must not like how many people refuse to play Arena. Trials are adapted from Arena, lol.


Just went through the trials for the starry pet. Awful game mode. And what about the fact that starry pets aren’t available anywhere else except this game mode? There’s already several old campaign pets that never show up anywhere else.

This was the first and probably last starry pet for me. Well at least with more copies than one. Not excited to play trials ever again.

By the way, challenges was my favourite game mode of all time. This one is the second worst only being beaten by arena.


Additionally, I get the feeling they are trying to make me unpark from PL20. Won’t work.

I really appreciate the change to Kingdom Pass (from 5 weeks to 2) but they missed on the biggest annoyances: Dragon eggs and Book of Deeds.

Nice try IP2, but this ain’t it. I couldn’t care less about this game.


After playing through some of the new trials… these trials lock new players into suboptimal troops (Vulpacea team with Todd Greenwood, but only 3 Wargares on the team) and at level 5 if they dont own the troop. They no longer have their own troops to push through higher end challenges/trials and have no way to spend resources to upgrade Trial troops to be competitive.

and now they have to spend Gems to have even a fighting chance at it just so they aren’t going in traitless vs high stats…

and what happens if they over shoot with their unupgraded team to the point they can’t even pay for said troops?

Can’t say this a great idea.

I get it, let’s get new players to spend more gems! … but come on, really? Here of all places, with a forced team for arbitrary difficulty? This is like a delve pure faction with no potions situation all over again.

Sure I’m fine as an established player, but it doesn’t take much to see this can be a problem.


Yeah, the Epic Trials starting at level 300 is brutal and makes these very much endgame-only challenges. Todd at the bottom and hope he survives long enough, I guess.

So, annoyingly: if I hadn’t previously finished the Challenges in Vulpacea, I’d be able to buy a copy of Vulpphire Hunter with gems by completing a Trial? but as I did do the Challenges, I can’t? and I’m put into the Epic Trials with an untraited + unascended Vulpphire Hunter that’s significantly weaker than a traited one would be.

(And it’s not in chests yet right?)


So 280 Crowns instead of 350 :thinking:

Welp already ran thru the epic trials, it was relatively easy (if a bit time consuming) with Todd in the back. I think one has to buy the 200 gem offer each time in order to max out the starry pet though. I didn’t and lesson learned

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If you get 1 for free for each trial and can buy 5 for 200 gems, you will still miss one copy.

31 copies if you buy 5 each time + the 6 from the battles.

By the way, I’m still experiencing the missing art bug on my affected troops, wasn’t this patch supposed to fix that? And yes I went into settings/graphics and downloaded additional assets.


So. It seems that the majority of changes are designed for new players. How to get the right away in the game to spend more and more gems and get frustrated right away.
The only worth change for now is the kingdom pass. It seems that the devs finally started to hear players… untill we get to trials. Players week in week out stating how they hate arena (most do) so they destroyed several ok to fun battles to test teams to create a very poor designed arena with no choices, no possible changes except troop order and stuck in a battle? At least they kept the same rewards.

I need to wait next week for the campaign to check this new improvments(??), but for now, most changes were completely unecessary and undesired. What about treasure hunt, Dragon eggs, cosmetic pets day and dozen other changes that players asked for and even gave very good suggestions?

Never payed real money and will never pay with this mess of new mechanics with old ones needed to update.


I wouldn’t stress the pet too hard.

Otherwise you’ll end up spending 37,000 gems for every kingdom. Not practical to wait for kingdom repeats to max, but doesn’t need to be done right away for some of these kingdoms.


Can anyone confirm that the end of battle 500 gem offer includes the legendary troop? It just says “1x red fox,” which seems misleading.