Trials offer

When I click mouse outside the offer it disappears for good. And it was just a missclick


Yeah, same here. Please make the offers available again.


Why not have a button for the offer on each finished trial so people can buy the pets whenever?

Would likely make more people spend gems, and would be less frustrating


Hello :slight_smile:

Can you clarify which offer you are talking about?

  • Pet Offer
  • Troop Offer

No matter what, maybe my suggestion would work for both?

But it should really happen for pets as you can’t get them in another place. I know you can upgrade them with orb but those are way harder to get than it is to earn or purchase the gems needed.

Let people who completed the challenges before get the troop offer. It’s beyond annoying to see troops you don’t have being used in epic trials that you could have bought for gems if you hadn’t already completed the previous challenges. This applies in particular to the Vulpphire hunter, which is a summon on Fenix and which people could only get via a previous Kingdom Pass - meaning many are missing it (in-your-face game design right there, I might add). The same applies to the pet. Let people buy the things if they realise they cannot/cannot be bothered to suffer through the next tier as they don’t want to spend an entire week repeating horrendously boring battles, frequently without getting a single pet out of it.

HOWEVER, this is not a fix for this horrendous game mode which should be removed entirely. Getting people to pay to skip doing something dreadful is appalling and extremely lazy game design which will ultimately just make people quit because no one likes playing a game when they feel they are being intentionally punished/made fun of by the devs. It’s unfortunate the only reaction to our complaints is trying to monetise letting us skip this rubbish.


I guess both based on arena offer template. Instead you need to use merchant template with confirmation Window when refused.

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easy fix would be to have a trials shop

Let’s qualify that with: Easy fix to allow people to buy things they missed for whatever reason, and NOT an easy fix for the implementation of an abhorrent game mode hoping people will pay to skip it :wink:

i like the idea of a shop to buy missing content at an elevated price then a reduction (normal price) for that kingdoms week.

I also feel like they should add a price tag to everything in the game. Why stop at epic trials? Lets make everything available for sale. I hate leveling classes, why cant i just buy my way to 100? Skip the deathknight armor, i wanna buy level 2k. GW Bracket 1 wins, how much? Lets talk.

You can, with enough Tier VII’s on the class event (like yesterday’s Bard)

I think I calculated that it costs 5,350 gems to max a class from level zero, that is if you don’t want to play the sigils you buy incidentally. You can reduce that cost by purchasing fewer Tier VII’s, but then winning all matches for the purchased sigils along with those that drop from Valravens. Those numbers elude me just now, I’m afraid.

I meant outside of the regular kingdom rotation. Not this particular class on this particular day of this particular week.

Compare the Wandering Merchants that appear in Explore runs and Delves – if you try to click away you are prompted to confirm this, which may be annoying if you are trying to skip the offer, BUT actually welcome if the offer turns out to be something quite valuable (Angel and Dragonite, for example).

The daily Flash Offers do not confirm if you want to skip them, but at least they are repeatable.

Other offers (such as Arena/Trial offers) are not repeatable and do not confirm when you want to just click away from them.

And yes, +1 to being able to replay completed Trials just for the Troop offer.


I finished Adana’s trial and did not buy the pet offers for the Starry Puppybot. Now they aren’t available and I wanted to know if this is intentional? Having them be a one time offer is very strange.

Yes, working as intended.

You can read the full update here: 6.9 Update: Trials of the Conqueror

But the bit you’re referring to is stated here:

  • After completing an Epic Trial Battle, players will be given an offer to purchase additional copies of the Starry Pet for Gems.
  • Players will be able to replay the Epic Trial Battles in a Kingdom, starting from the first one again, each time that Kingdom is a weekly Kingdom.

Basically, you must now wait until the kingdom comes around again.

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That is exceedingly absurd. Thanks a lot for the reply and information. I appreciate it!


Hello everyone :slight_smile:

I’ve raised your suggestions and created a Quality of Life request for the Pet or Troop Offers to have a confirmation window, much like the Wandering Merchant System does for the Merchant Encounters. So that whoever’s interested won’t miss out. This will most likely be greenlit.

The other suggestions of a special Trial shop will have to be a separate request in itself, for the development team to take into consideration once more.

Thank you for your understanding, and for the suggestions! :slight_smile:


That is great news. Thank you for listening!