Battle crashers levels

I have gotten 10 per day, but the levels dont match up,may 19 and may 20, i got 4 levels each day, and today may 21, i got 3 levels, for getting 10 battle crashers, right now im at level 17, and i should be at level 21,at this rate i wout finish this

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I’ve had no problems with battle crashers this week and I’m at level 29. (I didn’t buy a single level)

And here’s the math and reasoning behind it:
You get 10 BC each day for 20 crowns divided by 5 per level = 4 levels each day, then multiplied by 7 (days) = 28. And you always get the first reward for free which makes it level 29 for me.

Both level 17 and 21 are plausible if you found, fought and won against all ten BC on either 4 or 5 days this week.
There’s no way you’ve gotten only three levels today (Sunday) by saying you should be at a different level that is exactly the one that equals an entire day of crowns/rewards.

This was never explained to anyone, we used to get 5 levels per day, now its changed,

The changes were described in the 6.9 release notes: 6.9 Update: Trials of the Conqueror