[Fixed] [Switch] kingdom battlecrasher bugged out v6.9

The update is bugged, and now I am never getting any kingdom battlecrashers.

This update is beyond bugged, it’s so broken that it should be called a downgrade.


This should’nt say 0/0.
Switch Battlecrashers are impossible to get right now.

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Yesterday I had the 0/0 Battlecrasher count as in Draegor’s screenshot, and none were showing up in battles.

Today it shows as 0/10, but I’ve played at least fifty battles between PvP and Explore and exactly zero have shown up. Statistically possible, but exceedingly unlikely. How did this break so much?

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I confirm, still no battlecrasher…

The team are currently investigating the cause of this, sorry everyone.

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Update: they’re fixed now!

Assuming 20 crowns today is intentional?

That is correct!

And for some armchair analysis:

  • Before, over 5 weeks you could get up to 350 Crowns.
  • Now, over 2 weeks you can get up to 280 Crowns.

You still need 245 total Crowns to reach Lv.50 on the reward track.

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