[Not a bug] Broken task in campaign

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I was expecting to not get forced into a specific game mode to complete campaign tasks, just as announced as part of the patch notes:

Somehow, the old Dominator task slipped in this week. It can’t be rerolled any longer, the only way out is playing it or paying 500 gems, otherwise the campaign becomes stuck.


Ah this is an exception, however you can play either Ranked or Casual PVP, both count.

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How many exceptions are there in total?


So another misinformation. Great


It feels like this game is missing surprise exceptions that work in favor of the players. Would it at least be possible to list the tasks that can come up in campaigns, so we can mentally brace ourselves for other exceptions waiting to show up?


Perhaps, win 36 battles in Arena?

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I don’t mind the Dominator task – I play a lot of PvP anyway – but one downside of the new campaign system is that there’s much less variety of tasks in each week’s campaign. This week is pretty much “play PvP to finish bronze which also gives you 100/120 on gold; then explore a yellow kingdom to finish off silver + gold.” It’s … all so very passive.

I kinda preferred the old campaigns; gave you something focused to do on Monday, before the daily events kicked off on Tuesday.


Maybe it shouldn’t be. I only play PVP during Guild Wars weeks, because otherwise I’m constantly getting matched with “meta” teams (which isn’t a problem per se but it’s nonetheless frustrating). And like everyone else says, if this is a game mode you DON’T engage in then you are either completely blocked in Campaign progression, or looking at a major Gem sink to skip the task.

Except on Switch, the 6.9 update left us with a mismatch between the task description and the task itself.


I hope this is a late April fools…
Forcing players to play things they don’t want to (I for example PvP only during the PvP Guild War Event) is a bad idea.
When I learned about the Campaign changes, I was happy to not need to reroll every other task. But this oversight really messes with my goal to get all the tasks done on time. That being said, the Campaign is one thing I usually purchase the Elite Pass for. Which is YOUR goal.
So everything you do to prevent me reaching MY goals in a suitable manner will make me to NOT invest in YOUR goal…

So please either ditch that task completely or grant a free reroll of each task per week as it has been in the old system.


Why is this an exception, if one might dare to ask?
And why are patch notes not clear on this matter? What mysterious force prevented your team from providing true information to players leaving them with unpleasant surprises instead?

There are two instances (GW does not count) when I venture into PvP:

  1. casual on gnome weekends to spawn pet gnomes
  2. 20 games necessary to reach T1

that’s it, nothing more.
Gold campaign task calls for 25 wins therefore it requires me to do something I would not normally do. It bears no relevance whatsoever that I could do it on low casual or that it’s not such a big deal to do a few extra matches - what matters is that you explicitly said I would not be forced into a specific game mode I wouldn’t touch otherwise but the reality contradicts your statements. It is matter of you providing false information and casually shrugging it off with your customary empty “oops, sorry” attitude.


I waited for the Guild War to “solve” this task. Guess what my next “random” task is: PvP Wins.
Guess who is not going to purchase anything for this game unless this task is completely removed? (yep, it’s a rhetoric question…)
So stop making unwanted exceptions from an otherwise good change and you will retain a happy paying customer.


I see that you are really working hard on making customer not spending any money:

Again: Get rid of this task or my wallet will stay closed.


Earn glory from any battle is also “broken” and should be renamed “Earn glory from any battle, as long as its PvP”.
Unsurprisingly, glory rewards from daily adventure does not count, but delves also do not contribute.

So basically, “Earn Glory” and “Win PvP battles” are the same task.


Always were.

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I literally got this as my last task before the new tasks in 20 hours, but this just makes me not want to play.
Did a trial that gave me 425+ glory after I didn’t want to do PvP anymore and I was happy for a moment, only to find out it didn’t count towards the task.
Things like this, or removing reroll task, really makes me think twice about opening the game.
I don’t mind grinding for what I need, but this is just ridiculous.