(Switch) Dominator Campaign Task incorrect

Platform: Switch (may be exclusively, contrast the other report on PC)

Because Switch isn’t using the v6.9 Campaign Task system until our next campaign launches (in three more weeks), this leaves us in a weird area where strange things happen.

For example, this week we have a Bronze task of “Dominator” which is described as “Win PVP battles” – but only Ranked PVP counts. (I had just won a Casual PVP battle but it did not advance the Bronze Task.)

This is actually consistent with prior (v6.8) behavior of the “Dominator” task, which specifically mentioned “Ranked PVP” battles.

(And, though this Maraji Queen has obviously sailed I’ll still reiterate my opinion that the Switch 6.9 update should have been delayed/scheduled to launch after our current Campaign finishes first)


current week (v6.9)

Previous example (v6.8)

Hopefully this will be a moot point for our next Campaign?