Campaign Begins: Mydnight Countdown

Gotta say, I like the looks of Khrono’s third trait.

Glory task works both in ranked and casual, but doesn’t work in any of the other types of battles that do drop glory (underspire, delves, etc.).

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I believe there are multiple threads on this exact topic. Dominator has never counted Casual and Glory Hound has neber counted anything except Ranked PvP


Yes, it’s been brought up many times, and ignored every time.


Equally as many threads on said topic have been seemingly, allegedly ignored.
At least this is the best explanation I have, same as KeiFlox.


Those campaign rewards are garbage! I dont even see a weapon in there. What a waste of money. Im not purchasing this one.

There’s a weapon at 300 stars - The Timekeeper

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Campaign mythic makes Mistralus pointless.

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quite the opposite. This campaign mythic is Red/Green/Purple to Mistralus’s Blue/Yellow/Brown. Now there is 6 colors available for the enchant all trait.


That’s nice, I wonder if Switch will see this too when our next Campaign (Window of Spirits) starts in 3 weeks.

A quick timeline

July 2020

October 2020

January 2021

February 2021

April 2022

April 2023

May 2023

June 2023

August 2023

September 2023

October 2023


Ooh so then we should see a trend of mythics that are slightly different with oposite colors continue. How exciting


Thank you kindly, Devs. Ranked battles, with their possible penalties to individual rankings, are best suited to game modes with hefty rewards, imho.

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Correct! Casual PvP does not count towards Dominator tasks for PvP, and never has.

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Why don’t you fix the hard taskmaster trophy? It’s been broken for a very long time

In the 6.9 update it did count towards Campaign Tasks, but … that also sort of made Glory Hound feel redundant with it.

We are talking 7.1 here now, and for the Paragon’s Path. I did note that in the campaigns, PvP meant casual or ranked: 7.1 Update: Paragon's Path - #148 by PlayerDaniels

This trophy is not broken🤨

It’s been reportedly unavailable since they’ve changed the number of tasks required in the campaign per week. There’s no longer 100 tasks per campaign anymore.

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No one has received it since April 9. Previously, the company included 100 tasks, and now a maximum of 30 in 10 weeks

Sorry, i see it now,yeah trophy is unobtainable