Why can't campaign tasks be re-rolled without spending gems?

Players shouldn’t be forced to play game modes they don’t care for without having to spend gems. If I pay to have the elite pass (first tier) so I can get more rewards I don’t see why I’m forced to play pvp modes, and can’t simply reroll without spending gems like it used to be. These new updates were supposed to “make campaigns easier” but all they did was make it even more of a gem sink by trying to force us to spend gems on modes we have zero interest in.


Are you not capable of easily winning battles in casual PvP?

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Perfectly capable to, shouldn’t be forced to to get rewards I paid for. How hard is that to understand? I don’t care for any sort of pvp outside of GW. I have limited free time to play, and I feel that time is wasted having to play a mode I have zero interest in.


I think a lot of us agree that “Dominator” probably shouldn’t be in the pool of Campaign Tasks (and likewise “Glory Hound” if it only counts earnings from PVP modes). The official 7.0 news post SPECIFICALLY highlighted that they wanted to avoid Campaign tasks requiring a certain mode (Intrepid Explorer, Deep Delver, etc.), yet for whatever reason Dominator was exempted from this.


Yep, I hate it as well even though I’m going for pvp1 each week.

With so many game modes, it becomes more and more time intensive to play everything.

That’s why forcing players into a specific mode just sucks.

We had this discussion before, and we offered ideas for different things that we don’t have right now that they could use instead of the two tasks that force players to do pvp.

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