Glory in Campaign Tasks - PC

The first task is to earn glory in an battle, except training. I earned glory in adventure board battles and it doesn’t show up or count it.


It also does not count glory from Deep Delves


Instaed if ;exceot truals’ I am wondering if its only in PVP? (I know Tier II trials have it but I have done all those already)

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Renamed ‘win 25 pvp battles’ task :shushing_face:


Its always been that way, the only glory that counts is earned from pvp


No, previously glory earned in delves, adventure board etc. was counted


Well… it seems the would reword it correctly then in the task so there is no confusion.

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Glory Gnomes also do not count. Stupid.


I don’t understand the arguments against playing pvp.

Some people just don’t like it and don’t want to be forced to do it every week.

I don’t like it just for that reason, even though I do PvP up to tier 1 every week anyway. :sweat_smile:


No, it did not. Believe me, before rerolls were introduced (RIP rerolls) that was THE first thing I checked when given a “Glory Hound” campaign task. Adventure board, Arena, Delves, Gnomes, none of this mattered, only “actual PVP” counts towards this task. We’re lucky Guild Wars wasn’t excluded too.

1 - The name is slightly misleading (the term “PVP” is usually used for live multiplayer, which this is not)
2 - Natural bias towards “meta” dominating teams (Beetrix, Chalcedony, etc) the higher up you go (in turn limiting the types of teams you can effectively use)
3 - Limited appeal to casual playstyles

IDK if I agree with all that. Point 1, yes.
I play at a high level and I use a single team in ranked PVP and I finished the task today in about 20-30 minutes, if that - 30+ wins, 0 losses.
The most tedious part for me is getting through the “rank up” screen.
If I want to play the right-most teams, I use hero+club/Bee/2x converter and if I play the left-most teams, I just run a no-hero Phoenicia speed team and I can clear everything under 11k power in 1 cast - It’s two actions.

There’s also opening up casual and just rerolling until you get fire bombs.

I just think of it is as the same grinding as Explore or dungeons or anything really, but maybe that’s end-game problems.

The main problem is restricting “accepted” Glory only from PVP.
The text mentions "…from any battle(except training). This is also mentioned on the two other tasks, but playing vault battle counts for enemy killed or (colour) enemy killed, so it should accept glory too! Even old challenge battles were accepted! Why Glory needs to be so different if there are other sources like delves? They contradict themselves with those rules.


For comparison, “Pest Control” campaign tasks don’t count event Valravens (or Battlecrashers) but DO count the Treasure Gnomes that appear alongside Cedric when you run a Gnome Vault. (I don’t know if Cedric himself counts, never fully tested.) I often saved one Vault Key on hand specifically in case this one showed up as a task.

Yeah, this I 100% agree with. Because “Collect souls from any battle” literally means any battle.

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Some people dont like doing delves and we can all understand that right?

I dont like doing pvp. Its boring, annoying, too many people use loopy teams, i cant use any team i enjoy using, theres no real advancement…dont get me wrong i do it every week to tier 1 and maybe sometimes more if i go searching for a pet. The fact that sometimes i have to do pvp for hours before i see any gnome if im lucky enough to see a pet gnome, yes hours, is problematic. After thats done theres no reason at all for me to pvp. Some people only play pvp and even thats understandable.

Maybe i can reroll casual to get firebomb teams but the point is that there should be no reason i HAVE to do pvp, glory drops from other activities, why doesnt that count?


yeah, goals have gotten super boring. pvp on gold tier three weeks in a row. thanks for the creativity on these.


yeah, its sad so many players hate aspects of a game sooo much, that they have to FORCE gameplay in those areas. theyre not dedicated enough to just create a better event than arena, or make it better somehow lol. cant catch bugs in their coding, that regular discord users find repeatedly. the game is dying. theyve lost a dedicated hardcore cash player here. i wont touch the campaign sh!t anymore. fk that one trash mythic. i dont need the stuff at the end that they sucker everyone in with. wanna shorten the kingdom pass event, ill save my money there too. i love how these campaign tasks are things we all do anyway, yet no one fkn does pvp. cause they made it reroll through the same 5 gd teams, for real :facepunch: :rofl: earn glory, from nowhere BUT pvp.


Some people don’t like playing Treasure Hunt.

Some people don’t like Arena.

or Weekly Events.

Guild Wars.


We can relate to at least one of these, right?

Where does it say you have to do any of those things? Because i see a weekly campaign task that forces players to participate in pvp…