[Reported/Updated] Adventure Path Daily Task (Glory)


Before and after the battle it’s at 0 glory earned.

As seen here, I did in fact earn 2 glory from the first battle in a delve room.

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
That you fix this issue and not force us to play pvp anymore.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Ever since you introduced the first campaign in June 2020 (3+ years ago!)

This has been reported multiple times and even classified as [not a bug], but how is it that gold and souls count toward the tasks (and the shrines). Even the resources from gnomes count, but not the glory as if it’s some special resource.


I had the same thing happen to me. It does state “any battle ( except training)”. It’s very misleading.


It’s an old problem created like this. Although it’s stating any battle, only glory from PVP battles are accepted. This is stupid concept that they are completely ignoring.


It’s shocking to me this hasn’t been fixed given the amount of complaints about having to play PVP for challenges. Opening glory up exactly like described would benefit everyone.


Small correction. Delve gold and souls don’t count towards the Exalted tasks. I just tested souls and the 36 delve room souls I earned were not counted towards my Exalted path task.

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Honestly, when the “primary” way to acquire a currency is also the LEAST efficient method of grinding it (especially at the scale required to actually spend it), you have a fundamental problem with what that currency even is.

I can understand why the Adventure Board (and random Gnomes) don’t count – not only are they unreliable as a source, they also award it in far greater quantities.

Delves award Glory per room, but this is disclosed with each room before you enter (though it’s a smaller quantity awarded). Underspire also awards Glory, and it is labeled as simply “Glory” and not “(specific source) Glory”.

Hey all,

This was reported previously for the Campaign but I have updated the report to include the Path tasks and poked at the devs about it again.


@Jeto , has it also been reported to the devs that the Dominator task doesn’t count casual PvP, only ranked?