6.9 Update: Trials of the Conqueror

The last battle gives 2 pet copies. Tbh the starry foxite looks amazing. But the way to get him is terrible. 2nd worst game mode.

From now on I won’t be able to use gems for Guild Wars, weekly events, delves or any kind of resources anymore. Because I will need them for starry pets if I don’t want to wait several years to upgrade them. I have no pet orbs and last vault event I got none either.

This will be a hindrance to my guild on several occasions and slow down my own progress a lot unfortunately.

1 copy of each troop

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Working as intended.
Let’s create new mechanics so the players don’t have enough resources to complete any and spend more time grinding than enjoying the game.


Are you on Android?

I enjoy grinding, as long as it’s possible to progress this way. Not the case here as far as I can tell.


Thank you for finally addressing all the feedback about challenges, campaigns, and quests needing to be changed.

That should fix all the retention issues this game is facing.


Epic Trial in Blighted Lands is actually impossible.


That was totally Not Fun. Will play that as often as I play Arena, never.


No iOS. iPad Pro (3rd gen) and iPhone 13 both affected

At least let us choose the troops we want to use. From all troops at best or from kingdom related troops including the hero like in the weekly events at least. Otherwise this is just a painful waste of time, fun and resources.


No update for dragon eggs… Typical… almost ready to retire from this game.


Congratulations, you made me create a forum account.
Oh, all the wonderful things I could say about this update…
Let’s change stuff nobody asked for instead of … anything else that actually would profit from adjustments.

I’ll just pretend Epic Trials do not exist and will live happily ever after.

And propose a new rule:
Devs are only allowed to change/add stuff if they can beat it with a regular account. Or at least actually tried to until they destroyed their device in a fit of rage :>


The missing art issue also exists on MacOS, although I recognize that platform isn’t “officially” supported.

So challenges are basically becoming pure faction delve battles. Once again, the devs decided to change something that no one asked them to change and make it worse.


So boring. Will not bother after playing one level.

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Heads up, looks like the Epic Trials are currently set to the wrong level and will be lowered.
I’ll let you all know once that’s done.


I stopped playing the game for almost 2 years just to wait and see how well the game will be improved. I came back almost 2 years later just to take another almost 2 year break from the game. EPIC!

Before 6.9, medium players could still get some benefits and rare resources (Legendary/Mythic Ingots out of it.) Post 6.9, even advanced players struggle with it. What’s the point of playing and having fun with such greedy game anyway?


I was wondering why I like the Rat Swarm art, it’s cool in an old-school style. Then I found out it was imported directly from Puzzle Quest 2. :rofl:

Nice callback! It can be a clue of a shared universe too. Interesting…


Too high and spaced too far apart. The 225-350 in the release note is, I assume intended to be spaced 25 levels apart – although there’s a fencepost error, 225-350 is 5 intervals but 6 points. The 300-500 in-game is spaced 50 levels apart; so is not only more difficult to start with but has a steeper difficulty curve to complete all 5.


One step forward and two steps back…