Falling For You

I’ll try to do one and will call it a day. No gems for me for extra pet copies.

This is probably the most ineffective gem sink in the game.


It seriously annoys me that I will not be able to get the starry pet, but I will not be wasting my time on the Pan’s Vale Epic Trials. Not until they do something to fix Trials so that they can be won using a fully traited, mythic level team.

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Funny you should say that.

I just did my Tier X trial. I barely missed killing Sylvasi by 2 skull hits before Burrow Warden got its attacked lowered. Instead of restarting, I played it out to see how bad it was…

It lasted over 35 minutes. That’s being generous. I had to tend to a cat halfway into the match for a few minutes and I’m not 100% sure how long that was. Clocked in over 49 minutes.

Warden started with 61 damage and ended with 156 damage output.
Death Mark Gems triggered from Doomskulls killed Elwyn and a 70% dead Sylvasi
I killed The Silent One from behind with Caprinicus solely to steal attack to boost magic damage.

That was awful and the match could have been much longer.

I may have to try 1st slot Satyr and target down Elwyn with Capri next time incase Elwyn tries to pop a barrier with destroy and “random” damage the first slot.


Do the offers work as intended now?

From what I saw in my 200 trial (that lasted almost an hour), I consider the elite trials simply impossible without the use of verses.
Sylvasi takes your attack to zero.
Silent Guardian makes sure, you don’t do spell damage either (not that you got great magic hitters in the first place).
And if you still get some hits in, Faunessa easily outheals you.

Well, that didn’t last long. 25 PvP Battles in the gold campaign task this week. What happened to that goal of not forcing us into a specific game mode?



Satyr up top version cleared Epic Tier I in 19 mins 52 secs.

Fortunately/Unfortunately, a Death Mark killed Elwyn, so it’s inconclusive to see if targeting him with Capri first was ideal. I think it is… rather not have a mana unblocked Elwyn at any point.

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Your criticism is 100% valid.

On the more practical side, at least casual pvp still works for progress, so not the end of the world.

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is Beltane available in event chest?

Still, some players dislike that game mode, just as others dislike Treasure Hunt. I wonder if we are going to see that one some time the next weeks.

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Something I just noticed…

I don’t think Autoplay stands a chance.


That’s an interesting question. The cost is supposed to be back again to 200 gems as of the weekly reset:

However, the change has to be done manually, which usually needs nagging from the community to eventually happen. Given how utterly awful even the first epic trial is, I’m not inclined to blow my possibly only chance to purchase the offer by believing in the announcement.

I’ve already finished epic trial 1, it is working

I guess I should say it’s working on Xbox One. But if they somehow messed it up for a different platform despite the backlash going on, I’d actually be impressed.


I’d like to add that Sylvasi is also agile, so good luck in skulling him dead.


Well well well - it looks like this week will be a proper sadomaso!

@Jeto - when will we receive offers to purchase extra copies of previous two pets (Vulpacea - Starry Foxite pet, Khetar - Starry Shrynx) ?

Thank you

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Ehm. My autoplay is actually winning, at least at low levels. It takes a long, long time but who cares.

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Proof of concept

2 more to do…

Finished the 1st epic trial, took just 40 mins! So much fun! Can’t wait for 7.0 explores remake where we’re forced to play kingdom’s troops only.

Completed the first 2 trials, actually pretty straightforward and not really difficult, but rather time consuming. First one I completed in ~23 minutes, second I forgot to check the time, but similar to the first.
Strategy is t he same as posted by @TheIdleOne above. Keep Sylvasi’s ATK as low as possible, keep your barrier up against Faunessa and Elwin casts, and slowly build up Caprinicus’ damage by hitting Elwin. Once Elwin is dead and your damage in the 150+ region it should be smooth sailing.
You can also try and set up the board to destroy some Deathmark gems with doomskulls, if you’re feeling lucky. I used 2x Nysha and 1 Opheus. Good luck!

Edit: third trial completed in just under 17 minutes


Sileni Guard
The Burrow Warden

Chip back to front as per @TheIdleOne

Watch for early skulls, 5 goes with team, 5 wins 1 troop died to death mark.

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