Falling For You

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New Ultra-Rare Troop: Fallen Satyr The Fallen Satyr will be available this week for 300 Glory in the shop as well as in Event Chests, and will appear in Glory, Gem, and Guild chests in 3-4 weeks’ time. World Event: The Fallen Ones There are 6 battles that players can encounter during the event: Flesh…


“Removal all Skulls”



Was the first thing for me to notice too. Stopped reading further immediately …

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Guess that happens when you outsource your development to third world countries. :clown_face:



The loot table for troops in Pan’s Vale event chests is expected to look like this:

Chance Amount Troop
0.11% 1 Pan, The Wild King, The Wild Queen
3.2% 1 Bunni’Nog, King Silenus, Starflower, The Silent One
12% 1 Argos, Caprinicus, Elwyn, Faunessa, Nax, Rubitressa, Sylvasi, The Burrow Warden, Voiceless Golem
21.6% 1 Blade Dancer, Fallen Satyr, Lapina Explorer, Nyx, Satyr Hunter, Satyr Musician, Sky Goat
21.6% 2 Nymph, Piper, Pox Hare, Sileni Guard, Siren
21.49% 3 Satyr, War Goat

Event chests don’t contain faction troops, guild wars troops, doom troops, tarot cards and special soulforge troops. They have been configured incorrectly in the past. Infinity Plus Two doesn’t compensate for keys wasted due to their mistakes. If you plan to spend a large amount of keys, make sure what you are looking for has already been found by other players.


It’s about that time huh?

Rejoice fellow players!

This is your wonderful amazing Trial team for Pan’s Vale that the devs chose for you:

The Burrow Warden
Silent Guard
Green/Yellow Banner (Pan’s Vale Banner)

to add insult to injury praise to this magnificent specimen, the opponent’s team is:

The Silent One
Green/Yellow Banner (Pan’s Vale Banner)

I expect many topics praising this kingdom in the next few days.

So let’s recap this:

You have a Green/Yellow banner with no Yellow on the team

Burrow Warden : Steal Atk → Gain Life
Silent Guard: Steal Atk → Gain Armor + Barrier all (Wildfolk) Allies
Satyr: Steal 2 Armor → Gain 2 Magic (Writer’s Note: zzz)
Caprinicus: Steal 4 Atk → Gain 4 Magic

What does this have in common besides nothing useful being part of the great game of Gems of War?

Sylvasi steals Atk and gains Atk. Meaning once you lose that Atk, you have no way to gain it back. Games are fun.

Faunessa is completely unblocked on mana, so expect it to gain a truck ton of Life for the enemy team. It deals damage based on your attack value too, but who cares if Sylvasi steals it all. Synergy, am I right?

Speaking of synergy, Elwyn is completely mana blocked.

I hope you have 5-10 hrs to spend on 5 battles.


As for actual available strategies:

This Trial team is 100% a stat check and nothing more. So unless you’re end-game, you are sunk or spending 40-50 hours on this.

Satyr is stealthy, meaning Sylvasi and Faunessa will always target The Burrow Warden, Silent Guard, and Caprinicus. If you use The Burrow Warden in first slot, you need to keep Sylvasi away and that just makes things worse.

The Burrow Warden is basically 99% useless, though it can be your best tool as well with the 3rd trait Eagle Eye with luck.

Ideal situation, you skyskull Sylvasi before The Burrow Warden loses Attack (if in first slot). Good luck with that.

Caprinicus is your win condition, but at 4 magic gain per cast, we’re talking a really long time. Inefficiently so.

Satyr being stealthy lets it keep its attack from being the target of Sylvasi. Its a terrible troop for this Trial, but we have to make do with what we have.

Your last win-con, which is so awful that it shouldn’t be considered, is stalling the game out to the point Sileni Guard’s 2nd trait Grudge gives you enough attack back that it starts to matter again, and that’s only if Sylvasi is dead. If Sylvasi stole Sileni Guard’s attack at any point, you’re looking at like 50-100 enemy casts (think Faunessa), which you can stall out with barrier. It won’t be fun.

(Author’s Note: I had the enemy AI team cast on me 30 times AFTER Sylvasi died on Epic Trial II. That trait might actually matter more than I think, since Elwyn did manage to kill my Satyr…)

So what’s the winning strategy (besides none)?

I’m thinking something along the lines:

The Burrow Warden
Sileni Guard

Sileni Guard
The Burrow Warden

Since Satyr steals Armor, then deals damage to the last enemy… well… you’ll run out of Armor fast to steal from. If you’re not stealing armor, you’re not gaining Magic. It’s bad, but its also desperation damage.

Edit 1: If you’re fast in reducing Sylvasi’s attack to 0, you can use a Stealthy Satyr in first slot to act as a skull basher in place of Burrow Warden since it can’t be targeted by Sylvasi, making Burrow Warden 100% useless.

Edit 3: Would recommend the Satyr version up front only.

If you use The Burrow Warden first, you MUST skyskull and cast on Sylvasi before The Burrow Warden becomes useless. If you don’t, I recommend starting over. Sylvasi having Agile is rough. Caprinicus is a 11+ cast to kill a fresh Epic Trial 5 troop, before factoring in Faunessa life gains. Not really viable for a timely win.

After that, as long as either Burrow Warden or Silent Guard is alive, you can 0 out Faunessa/Elwyn/The Silent One’s attacks (only whoever is in front, leave the rest so Caprinicus has atk to steal from) and “safely” chip away at them, eventually. Note… Burrow Warden only steals from the First enemy troop… so once the First enemy troop’s attack runs out, Burrow Warden doesn’t gain life from its cast. Yeah, 99% useless.

You’ll probably have to play defense and take every Green, Red, and Brown at the cost of letting Faunessa go nuts. Definitely get Barrier up at all times.

These player teams are so bad. Imagine, the devs are patting their own backs for these teams. Yikes.

One last sick joke: With Deathmark Gems active, you have no *easy way to do anything with it, but Elwyn can do Elwyn things and activate them. Hurray.

Edit 2: Players can infact trigger Deathmark Gems with Doomskulls. Thanks for the reminder platinumpwnzor

Edit 4: Bring in 3 Orpheus medals, mainly so you don’t get killed by Death Mark, but also the added benefit of getting out of silence faster.


I have this forboding feeling that the only legit way of beating Epic 5 will be by triggering deathmark gems with doomskull matches.

We haven’t started yet and I already miss Khetar.


I’ll try to do one and will call it a day. No gems for me for extra pet copies.

This is probably the most ineffective gem sink in the game.


It seriously annoys me that I will not be able to get the starry pet, but I will not be wasting my time on the Pan’s Vale Epic Trials. Not until they do something to fix Trials so that they can be won using a fully traited, mythic level team.

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Funny you should say that.

I just did my Tier X trial. I barely missed killing Sylvasi by 2 skull hits before Burrow Warden got its attacked lowered. Instead of restarting, I played it out to see how bad it was…

It lasted over 35 minutes. That’s being generous. I had to tend to a cat halfway into the match for a few minutes and I’m not 100% sure how long that was. Clocked in over 49 minutes.

Warden started with 61 damage and ended with 156 damage output.
Death Mark Gems triggered from Doomskulls killed Elwyn and a 70% dead Sylvasi
I killed The Silent One from behind with Caprinicus solely to steal attack to boost magic damage.

That was awful and the match could have been much longer.

I may have to try 1st slot Satyr and target down Elwyn with Capri next time incase Elwyn tries to pop a barrier with destroy and “random” damage the first slot.


Do the offers work as intended now?

From what I saw in my 200 trial (that lasted almost an hour), I consider the elite trials simply impossible without the use of verses.
Sylvasi takes your attack to zero.
Silent Guardian makes sure, you don’t do spell damage either (not that you got great magic hitters in the first place).
And if you still get some hits in, Faunessa easily outheals you.

Well, that didn’t last long. 25 PvP Battles in the gold campaign task this week. What happened to that goal of not forcing us into a specific game mode?



Satyr up top version cleared Epic Tier I in 19 mins 52 secs.

Fortunately/Unfortunately, a Death Mark killed Elwyn, so it’s inconclusive to see if targeting him with Capri first was ideal. I think it is… rather not have a mana unblocked Elwyn at any point.

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Your criticism is 100% valid.

On the more practical side, at least casual pvp still works for progress, so not the end of the world.

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is Beltane available in event chest?

Still, some players dislike that game mode, just as others dislike Treasure Hunt. I wonder if we are going to see that one some time the next weeks.

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Something I just noticed…

I don’t think Autoplay stands a chance.


That’s an interesting question. The cost is supposed to be back again to 200 gems as of the weekly reset:

However, the change has to be done manually, which usually needs nagging from the community to eventually happen. Given how utterly awful even the first epic trial is, I’m not inclined to blow my possibly only chance to purchase the offer by believing in the announcement.