[Switch] campaign task update broken

You give me 300 gems so that I can skip some impossible tasks? When skipping a single silver task costs 400? What are you smoking?

Give me 100000 gems so that I can skip all the impossible tasks!


You have read the announcement post about the 6.9 update already, right?

Because on my end, I actually completed all my Campaign Tasks for this week hours before the update released, so I can’t offer any feedback or opinions until the weekly reset next Monday.

We’ll see what happens then. In the meantime, can you give some more specific info about what you see? Screenshots and/or video if possible.

  • Is a Campaign Task literally impossible? (For example, I remember seeing a “[Troop Type] Slayer” task where the type was missing, and it was showing Ogre as a placeholder)

I am level 1xx and haven’t progressed far in unlocking kingdoms. The task requires a banner which is many kingdoms away.

Most of the tasks are effectively impossible for early/mid-game players. That’s why rerolling was necessary. And the most ridiculous thing is the atrocious gem cost for skipping: hundreds for each task? We’ll really need 100000 gems to skip all the stupid impossible tasks in the coming weeks.

Thanks for the screenshot. Now for my take on what I see:

Again, did you read the official announcement?

“Old” system:

  • 2 Gold tasks (skip cost: 150 per = total 300)
  • 4 Silver tasks (skip cost: 100 per = total 400)
  • 10 Bronze tasks (skip cost: 50 per = total 500)
  • Total Gem cost to skip ALL tasks for the week: 1,200 Gems

“New” system (per announcement post):

  • ONE Gold task (skip cost: 500)
  • ONE Silver task (skip cost: 400)
  • ONE Bronze task (skip cost: 300)
  • Total cost to skip ALL tasks for the week: 1,200 Gems

Because this update released for us the same time as PC (which isn’t in the middle of a campaign, yet), the devs decided NOT to implement the new Task system on Switch until next week’s reset. Unfortunately that leaves us in a pretty weird middleground where the available features (i.e. skip cost and inability to reroll) reflect the ‘new’ system but the tasks as stated (and their quotas) are still using the ‘old’ system.

And this is probably what the 300 Gem compensation is for – essentially one free (or mostly free) skip. At least that one is an easy task!

It is certainly not an ideal transition week.

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I did read the announcement, and it is BS.

Because they apply the new skipping cost for the new BIG task to the old petite tasks. No one should suggest that it is justifiable unless he compensates me for all the skipping costs. (Or if one suggests that the task is easy, he should complete it for me, including all intervening quests for how many kingdoms.) If they are applying the new skipping costs, the compensaton should reflect that.

Even at the correct old skipping costs, 300 is certainly not enough to skip all the wrong tasks. Not even 300 per week. I typically need to reroll more than half of the tasks. At least 1000 per week.

Do you ever pay for skipping costs when rerolling was available? I never waste my gems on that; the skipping costs are ridiculous to begin with. I should be fully compensated for all skipping costs necessitated by their downgrade.


Which doesn’t help low level players at all. The Switch campaign will continue up to the very end to have 16 tasks each weeks, with some of them basically impossible to complete due to missing unlocks. That’s what reroll was for, to not lock those players out of any further progress. Let’s assume there’s 10 more trap tasks lurking within the next weeks, each costing several hundred gems to skip past, who’s supposed to pay for that?

Update 6.9 is a steaming mess, and the way that steaming mess is currently getting handled is an even bigger steaming mess.

Edit: Created a bug report.


“Compensate” you for one-time 300 gems while screwing you into a 5600 gem per week debt. Brilliant, really brilliant.

Sounds like we at least agree on this?

Would it really have been a problem to delay the Switch 6.9 release just two weeks to allow our Campaign to wrap up first?