3.3 Feedback and suggestions


Actually lots of games are released with bugs, then we get patches for most of the bugs, and the the game devs stop working on the game and call it complete.

For example Skyrim released at version 1 went to version 1.9 with various bug fixes and other content but people still use a mod to fix all of the other bugs that appear in game.

Sad thing is there is a philosophy of doing only 70% of the work right and then fix the errors that are found to maximise time efficiency.


I guess it was more of a question since I have really only played gow for almost two years now.
I wasn’t really sure if big game titles had these issues too.


Ok feel that only games released on consoles without significant internet support come close to bug free. I mean to say the 3ds games are pretty low on bugs when they first come out.

The ability to apply a bug fix patch within the first few days of release can allow people to skimp out on through testing.

Second thought Pokemon ultra moon needed an update a few weeks after release


@Cyrup Please add the Forge resources (Diamonds, etc) to the Hero inventory screen. Like the team did with the brand new ones from 3.3.


Ty devs for adding this new window when we level up, since it’s there i never did a missclick and could distribute the points in the color i want :slight_smile:


**the dragon soul **

This will sound crazy from a guy who asked for the resurrection fix for a long time, but…

I feel the trait should be 100%.

I use him, he is still good. I fight him , he is now fun, with the little twist of the dragon transformation.

But, after facing him over 25 times, I have seen 25 baby dragon, I can’t recall a single no-Rez.

So if the AI algorithm is still bunkers, just make it 100% for all, and this way it feels more epic then a glorified Dragon Egg…


Can arena replace the big TH box when we are in the middle of a run?


Yeah i don’t know why they aren’t all the same size, bounty look lost in middle of 2 pages :slight_smile:


Posting on behalf of @Lostinfamily, since I can’t move the off-topic post from the unrelated thread.


The trait is 100% isn’t it?


The troop on the battleloading screen is weird, its fully traited and leveled but the spelltab is level 1


Oh nvm, the kingdom/guild bonus doesnt apply.


From what Ozball told me it’s supposed to be a dynamic box showing everything you can do. But aside from Dungeons, if you didn’t finished those yet for the day, it always shows Treasure Hunt and never Arena, which is odd as i’m sure my three million gold can pay the entry fee for Arena… :thinking:

Also Soulforge being “squashed” under this larger box annoys me…


It’s 50%.
But it sure acts like 100%.


This should be in here


Wow. It’s been 100% against me hah.


@Cyrup the thing told me to send it to the devs I didn’t know if I should do it here or a support ticket



I posted this on discord. But only 2 devs use discord so I’ll share my thoughts here as well.
I get the reasoning behind using Gems for Raid Boss Shops…
But I invested enough to get vip chests on 3 accounts. Every update seems to make VIP chests more and more worthless since there’s just not enough gems for them.
Additions to the game keep getting added, while the resources for them get taken away. Gems weren’t reduced by say 50% to offset 4x. They were taken away completely.
I feel like what I invested in over 1.5 years is not the product that we are currently experiencing. Though I can afford to buy gems each week. I’m not going to. Simply because I don’t want to encourage this cash grab mentality.
If you want a long time player and a long time spender. Then Increase the resources given every time a new feature is added that takes them away.
If you want short term players that spend money based on impulse and then quit the game the second they get sick of bugs. Then stay the course you’re on.
Sometimes I feel like I continue to play just because I’ve spent so much money on this not to. I don’t think that’s what you want your player base to feel like. Just my thoughts on the matter. Thank you for reading.


First impression on raid boss: meh, I don’t feel like I have to play it. And a big THANK YOU for that! :heart:
One of my biggest qualms with GW was that I had to play, 6 days a week, every week because if I didn’t, I would’ve failed my guild, we would’ve dropped in brackets, everyone would get fewer gems… Well, actually, that wouldn’t have happened, because GW is mandatory in our guild, so I would’ve been kicked out anyway :thinking:

The rewards for the raid boss are unimpressive enough to (hopefully) not warrant adding it to the guild requirements, so that’s fewer chores I absolutely have to do :+1:


I want weekly GW back :frowning: