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3.5 feedback and suggestions

Please post all feedback and suggestions for changes specific to 3.5 (released June 20th) here. This is not a thread for bug reports or help with issues in the game. If you have other feedback/suggestions that aren’t related to 3.5 you can post to the Feedback/Suggestions category of the forums.

For known issues
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Top suggestions and feedback

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Maybe you could put ingots in other chests than the Gem ones…


Ingots are also available

Randomly from a PVP battle (including Guild Wars and Arena)
Top 100 ranked and PVP tier rewards
Gem Chests (which contain Ultra-Rare Ingots or better)
Weapon Bundles in the Shop
Raid Boss + Invasion Event Rewards and Shop
Upgrading Ingots in the Soulforge (at a ratio of 10 to 1)

But I’ll add this to the list!


@Cyrup you are so efficient and perfect I LOVE YOU.


I can now confirm that Steam just downloaded v 3.5 to my game and it is now active.

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What does forge a trait mean???

Will this be in future events?

As I have just checked, and from the looks, unless hidden in 1 of the traitstone rotating image, they arent in there.

Also, if we have already completed PvP tiers this week, is it just a miss out for this week thing? Or do we message support about getting them retroactively?

I assume trait a troop

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I have them all fully traited. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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same lol. I was dreading tasks like that lol.

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Not a single troop refund?

We were too busy to do any balance changes with this update. However, we are working on a few at the moment which we hope to release soon.

I’m missing traits from Classes I already fully traited. 🤦

The Titan talent tree seems like a pointless mess, why does he have several trooptype buffs but none for giants or at least elementals?


Ferocity talent gives 4 Attack.
Examplar talent gives 4 Attack only in PVP.
Same tier.
It sounds weird…

Feedback: “Win 75 battles” is a stretch for a daily task. Especially when you can’t complete 1 without it crashing.

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I agree. Class talents are cool, but there are a handful of decisions that are puzzling.

Mechanist, level 40. I can choose between “All red allies gain 1 magic” and “All allies gain 1 magic”. Uhhhhhhh…


While classes still seem to provide a trooptype to the hero, i fail to find the type stated anywhere in the class screens. Would be good if that found its way into the class info.


We will be fixing this for next update.