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Update 3.5 Chat

So guys and girls here I’ll put the feedback about the update and take any feedback. Also here we can talk anything about 3.5. Ex: What we like/don’t like. What we wish was in it. What is going to be in it. Bugs in 3.5. Literally anything about 3.5 :grinning: :smiley: :grin:

Want to snipe the devs and make a “3.5 known issues” thread as well?:rofl:


This is probably unnecessary as there will be a 3.5 feedback thread created by a Dev soon.


Geeeezzz the update isn’t even live yet ladies! Soon TM! :slight_smile:

@RedRoseWarrior There is always an official section of feedback etc for the new update.


It will be live in 10 min cyrup? :slight_smile:

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We will be posting patch note etc shortly.

As usual it can take up to 24 hours to be live on each platform and in each country.


24h? Wow never took that long

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Up to 24 hours give or take 24 hours.

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Can’t make any promises - it’s good to be sure! I have seen updates take more than 12 hours with some games before. Usually it takes a few hours after console or after Steam gets it for the next platform…


Ok let’s hope this one go well

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I like it :smiley:


That can be said here if you wish as well

Well it’s just a chat. Chat doesn’t have to be feedback lol

I know that but, this is a chat about 3.5 not just feedback

I can’t find anywhere where it shows the race of each hero now…

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The troop type from classes will be added to the Class Info tab under the Hero menu in the next update. The Hero card in battle will still list the correct type.


I was just about to say that lol

Next update it will be under class info

So do I :wink:

so until then we just need to magically know what they are?

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