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3.4 Feedback and suggestions

Please post all feedback and suggestions for changes specific to 3.4 (released 1st May) here. This is not a thread for bug reports or help with issues in the game. If you have other feedback/suggestions that aren’t related to 3.4 you can post to the Feedback/Suggestions category of the forums.

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Top suggestions and feedback

  • Pet Event time-limits should be increased beyond an hour (especially for console players)
  • If you start the 8th Pet Battle you should be able to earn the pet even if the Event ends during the battle

Other suggestions

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When is the update out?
Steam and Android should have the update. Console and iOS should be out by the end of the May the 1st 2018, we are waiting for the game to propagate to all servers.


My pet is epic but got the ultra rare color

I don’t know if it is intended but it really should follow troop color


Edit: nevermind i had to reach level 10 before, he’s purple now

I think you folks need to rethink PET rescue really fast otherwise most of us just won’t be getting Pets… 100+ Hit point troops?!

Not only is the last one impossible to beat - having to do it in 1 hour - where most of my time was working on that last one - trying to find some combo to survive.

Not cool


can go back to the old classic great maw, infernal king, sheggra, mercy if necessary


I just think it’s weird to get one random hour of pet rescue. I mean this game is available and played all over the world. Half of my guild is probably asleep, when I unlock the pet rescue for them.


Not sure if intentional or not. A guild mate had beaten a pet gnome, event didnt show up for me until i closed game and reopened. If it wasnt for Discord, I wouldnt of known about it at all.

On Steam btw

You can’t ‘Ascend’ pets so to speak. They increase their level cap which triggers the “rarity color change”. The rarity colour of a pet matches the bonus colour it provides.

Please see my post here! ^

You can follow other issues on this thread for updates. :slight_smile:

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i thought i was on that post lol. That will teach me for not checking which tab im on lol

goes to check it out again

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No worries they look similar.

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Suggestion: Let it save your team from last time. Having to remake team every Pet event wastes that precious time we have. Especially if come on when it’s close to expire.


Technically this is working as intended, the Pet Event is considered a different event, similar to how each Bounty Event is different, or a bit like Raid Boss requires different teams (however that isn’t an issue as it goes for a nice, long week rather than one hour!). But, we can see how that isn’t ideal, so I’ve added it to the suggestions list :slight_smile:


I want to go on record and say how this one hour window is pretty unfair to console players. Much like with tributes, we get the short end of the stick.

Basically, we are being punished for being humans and having lives. If I’m at work, or at the store or away from my home/console for any reason whatsoever and an event triggers, I miss out on it. Guaranteed. At least a PC/Mobile player can whip out their phone now and again and check and play it, if they’re out and about. They at least have a chance to catch it, we have nothing.

I know I’ll probably get a reply along the lines of: “it’s not our/the devs fault console players can’t play away from home. Blame Sony or Microsoft or whoever.” Fair enough. That may not be the fault of the people making the game, but having things like that in the game, to begin with, is.

I’m just frustrated, because every time this game does something, I always feel like Console players are an after thought. Like we don’t matter. And, it’s getting a bit old.

Just my thoughts on the issue.


Unless you’re looking for a specific pet, you’ll lose interest in catching a pet every hour + some extra minutes. (if you’re in an active enough guild). Doesn’t take too much effort to find a pet gnome.

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My feedback, based on the one pet rescue I did so far:

  • I like the idea behind the pet rescues very much and the free rewards (baskets) are completely alright as well. That the system has the same money-grabbing shop as raid and invasion is pretty trash, but at least it’s not like in these other two modes or bounty where you need sigils, so that’s a plus.

  • The one-hour thing is absolute crap, though, for casual players and players in different timezones. As if everyone has the time to log in every hour to check - and even then, the pet rescue takes a lot of time.

  • The difficulty scaling is, however, pretty horrible. I am Level 1204 and needed a LOT of attempts for the eights battle (against Blighted Lands troops) and only survived because Highforge was nice enough to summon Stonehammer. This must be horribly, horribly frustrating for newer players.

Which brings me to my big problem (and why I needed Stonehammer): Doomskulls.

  • Doomskulls worked in Puzzle Quest, but in my opinion, they don’t work in this game or at least not in most of its game modes. Especially those events mentioned above, where enemy team levels scale to immense heights, make Doomskulls a very unfair system - if you trigger one, it still does close to nothing when the enemies have ~200+ Armor and Life combined. But since the player never reaches these stats or even comes closeDoomskulls are extremely lethal.

  • Because of that, Doomskulls are an unfair addition to the game. I can see how they help to make people buy more from the shops, though, as losing in raid/invasion will now be far more common. Again, this is unfair to newer players especially who already have a hard time catching up at this point.

  • As I don’t do anything anymore besides explore, I cannot say much about PVP and the like, but I feel like wins/losses are going to be even more random. This is sorta okay for PVP (except not really), but absolutely horrid for GW.

  • Is there a way to turn the doomskull animation off? Please say yes. It’s not giving me headaches or anything, but I find it seriously distracting to have something flashing constantly on the board.

So, summary: Pet events are okay, the pets are cute (Shortlong made me laugh :stuck_out_tongue: ), I think the free rewards are nice, but Doomskulls are an absolute horror and terror and I hate them with a passion.

Also, a little suggestion totally away from anything bad: I was a bit sad that the pets don’t have funny flavor texts like the troops. Can’t that be added? I would really enjoy that, as I feel the designs have a lot of potential for great descriptions (thinking about Shortlong, Moon Moon…).





I don’t like Doomskulls at all. It ruins the flow of the game. I’m not sure why I dislike it, but I think its too common for how aggressive the effect is


Yeah, I was surprised how common doomskulls were for a gem type that has a roughly 1% chance (10% of skulls, which are about 15%) of dropping.

I’m jealous.:heart_eyes:

Well, given how many gems there are on a board, it’s not out of the ordinary that there are always 1-2 available to ruin your day.


A fine offering towards the players. Well chosen.