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Pet Alerts on Mobile

If I+2 can send alerts to my mobile that my kingdoms are full of gold, couldn’t they send me alerts that my guild has initiated a 1 hr pet rescue slot?



you can do mobile alerts for tribute?

Must do. I get 'em.

That’s a cool idea! Thanks!


Any chance it might happen?

grabby hands Pets plz!

How the heck do you get the alert for tribute? I could really benefit from that haha :rofl:

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I’ve got the app installed on my phone, I’m assuming that’s how it works.

I also have it installed in my phone hmm…I’m going to go goof around with the app settings :stuck_out_tongue:

I didn’t even know I could get tribute alerts. I mostly play on PC but I have it installed on my phone and the only alerts I get are about “how quiet it is in Krystara”.

It’s always quiet in Krystara. You need to wage more wars. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The app will customise the notifications (to a degree) defending on your activity level. I am not sure exactly how, though.

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+1 to this opening request…

I have the app on my phone and I have never received an alert to reap my tribute.

In Settings under Alert, is Enable Alerts checked?

Yes, but never alert…

And your mobile device is allowing notifications from Gems of War (for my iPhone, it’s under Settings -> Gems of War -> Notifications (mine are set to Off, so I don’t expect to get anything)?

Everything is activated on my phone :confused:

Sorry dude, out of ideas then. Hope it gets fixed for you.

I will contact the support. Thank you :wink:

It doesn’t work for me either. And everything is activated in phone settings.

Based on how people have described it to me in the past:

It’s not really a “tribute” notification. People have wanted that for a long time and there’s always hand-wringing and speculation about “server load” and such as the reason why it isn’t done that way. What’s happening is if you haven’t played the game for some interval, the In-App Purchases Fairy gets nervous and sends you an alert to remind you Gems of War is still there and would like you to log on, collect some tributes, and hopefully pay a lot of money for some trinkets.

It’s very disheartening how often “I don’t actually know how it works” is an answer to questions about in-game features. We come to the forums and ask questions because we assume the devs and their representatives know how the software they’re writing works.