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Pet Alerts on Mobile

When you say you aren’t getting notifications for tributes, can you please clarify if you’re not getting notifications at all or simply not for having gold ready to collect?

@Slypenslyde I didn’t provide much more information because in my experience of free-to-play games notifications like this are fairly general. It is difficult to code notifications specific to the player’s types of inactivity (e.g. X player has collected less than a certain amount of tribute after X time) and the dev team wanted to start with some simple notifications this update and iterate from there.

Currently the notifications are based on amount of inactivity. For example, if you are inactive for one day on X device, you will get the “tribute” notification (Hurry back! Your Kingdoms are filled with free Gold for you to collect.). Increasing inactivity will give you different notifications, and there are notifications for other things like Guild Wars and Pet Events.

The game should also be giving you notifications when there is a scheduled Pet Event. If it’s not, let me know. I have just found out that the team is working on hopefully including some guild-triggered Pet Events in the future :slight_smile:


My personal experience is that years ago, I stopped letting games give me notifications because Tiny Tower would pepper me with something every 3 minutes as it had extremely annoying granularity for its notifications. If they could do it back in 2015 I’m pretty sure there’s a StackOverflow post to follow for doing it in 2018 by now, complete with player opt-in.

In the past couple of years, I let three games have notifications turned on. One never implemented them. The other two only send them if you haven’t played for days. Both are games that had very predictable 1-hour or 3-hour events I’d have loved to get a notification for. This is a weird state: I’m suddenly begging F2P games to drag me into their world and they’re telling me it’s too hard.

2018 is so weird.


I do not have a notification when the gold is ready to be collecte.

Has it never occurred at all? The first inactivity notification requires a full day to be sent, and as mentioned it’s not based on whenever your tribute is ready to be collected, rather, once a day of inactivity has passed. :slight_smile:

I am too active then ^^ thanks!

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