3.3 Feedback and suggestions


Still an issue.

My team was full health and full armor. One turn by the Goblins and they took down the whole team without a single move by me.
If this works as intended, then you intend to lose players that eventually get tired of crap like this. The only thing that ended their endless turns was the death of all my troops. That’s not balanced.


You were bemoaning the fact that you had crafted infernus and now he can start with half his mana! Really guys, (not just sheba) you couldn’t work that out for yourselves?


You were talking about using that new troop I refuse to use. Yeah, I had figured that out, but… you know. I loathe her.
I’ll leave her to you and the rest of the playerbase. :slight_smile:


Generally pleased with patch so far. Mana drain protection finally… though in theory widespread, in practice don’t think you can make a fully mana shielded team that’s a high end fast pvp winner… very interested to see an ideas thread if anyone thinks they have done.

Visual improvements good.

Waiting to experience playing the new guild raids and stuff over coming weeks. Hoping they’re executed well and not too annoying. Building a whole team from one kingdom - Suncrest anyone??? - and achieving anything with it feels like it’s gonna get annoying. At least we can add Dawnbringer. Same for troop type week.

One thought: adding gnomes and more rewards in some play modes - good - but poor old Treasure Hunt falls yet further behind.

How about:

  1. vault keys could/should drop from vaults in TH?
  2. doing TH attracts the attention of gnomes - each TH you complete has a chance (cumulative, and boosted by longer turn count TH scores) to trigger GNOME MORE!!! - a buff that gives you double chance to see gnomes in other play modes for one hour

@sirrian what do you think? @saltypatra do prod him :slight_smile:


You don’t need to. Just put Anariel somewhere and you’re good to go.
The rage after GW is strong with me today just because of Anariel, let me tell you.


Damn Goblins.

Very irritating having one turn and leave nothing for the AI to somehow get Nobend or Fizz up.

As soon as one of them explodes (which is as soon as they cast) I just retreat. Don’t even bother watching them rip apart my team.


Dawnbringer Arena


10 characters.


Is it intended that Zuul’Goth is coming from Karakoth? If yes, will he be the only Mythic for this kingdom?

Because Xathenos (a only-craftable Mythic) is from Apocalypse and so does not count for any kingdom power level…


Now that Archer Hero always has the Elf perk, can we please change the Nature Heart trait to Wood Ancestry? :wink:


If you had no moves how come there’s only 3 troops left and they’ve lost a lot of health ?
I had nobend evade skulls 6 times on the trot and think fizz needs that explode reducing to 20% which could still cause a problem going by the first part of this sentence !
They’re out of control.


As in… They took a turn and I never got a turn back.


After the Goblins killed him they continued looping and just beat themselves up.

Goblins are stupid.


I hate them in gw. i occasionally set em on defs but never win with them. i get shafted by the little green shits though !


Will you have an update sometime in the next 10 years that will have less than 500 bugs? Just curious.


I thought that’s how all games worked with new updates? Maybe it’s because it’s a free to play game, so what else can we expect?


I love how folks complain when they have no intention of ever putting a penny into the game . Yes it IS FTP, and it should be a healthy mix of players but without any income there wouldn’t even be gnomes and the new modes etc.wouldn’t even exist.


Vip 6, how much should I give?


Not aimed at you, just putting it out there. people are quick to complain yet don’t influence the economy in the slightest.


Thank you. I understand a game can only live for so long and I think this ship has sailed for quite some time.

@sirrian, any plans for a sequel?