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Love the Upgraded Treasure Hunt

Hooray for the changes to the Treasure Hunt. It is an easy way to pick up Traitstones. Every time I have played so far, I have gotten at least 3 Traitstones. It is not hard to get those 15 turn increments if you focus on 4 or 5 matches early on in the game. I am sure there are more expert players out there who have even more detailed strategies.

It is great to see all the rewards at the end. I understand it is supposed to go away when you press “X” but it does not at this time. I think it has already been identified as a bug.

The reduced number of turns has not hamper by enjoyment of the treasure hunt and the rewards listing at the right of the board is nice to have.

Great job! :blush:


I feel the rewards I get now in an average game are roughly equal to the old system.

Two big differences. Games are faster now, and we get Traitstones :slight_smile:

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I think that was its overall purpose for the change. I wonder what the difference in rewards look like for each item. Also there is one more treasure hunt update on the way for you guys just so you know.