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Treasure Hunt Rewards

First of all i am an avid player of treasure hunts but the rewards are always petty for the time spent playing.

Many different modes are dedicated for farming resources:

Explore - Traitstones
PvP - Gold
Arena - Souls & Trophies

and so on.

With so many different currencies available now it would be nice to see the treasure hunt adopted as a dedicated grinding source for something which is worthwhile for both new and end gamers alike.
My suggestion is that we replace the traitstones with ingots in the manner of:

Minor - Common or Rare
Major - Ultra-rare
Runic - Epic
Arcane - Legendary
Celestial - Mythic

Why not bring some love back to a mode that is even used for snotstone events?

Thank you


Hello, again, Fiara.

Yeah, there’s really no denying that the time invested in Treasure Hunt is worth the rewards, which is further exacerbated by RNG determining what’s earned. It’s probably why most players have so many maps cached.

With the new update, and all the new and “shiny” things added, it would make sense to buff TH rewards, at the very least, with the addition of the possibility of Ingots to drop, as you mentioned.

For newer players, I don’t believe that the “time invested vs. rewards earned” is too much of an issue. Early on, every little bit helps, and there is the advantage of potentially gaining a decent amount of resources without gaining any EXP.

For end gamers, a few members have suggested the idea of maps being another resource used in crafting things in Soulforge. This should be a thing.

I mean, everything that everyone has ever suggested has merit and should be implemented, and I don’t believe that it would necessarily wreck the game’s economy.

This, of course, coming from someone who only plays Treasure Hunt, and with the latest update, will have to actually play the game now. :upside_down_face:

(Pardon my editing of something grammatically.)

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Long time DragonSeoul.

You would rise to stardom if you came to my guild!
Look at the amount of reactions i got for my passion for treasure hunt :joy: