Treasure Map exchange

I reallllly wish the devs would make it so that you could turn in 1 map for a random traitstone, because as you get higher in level you don’t spend the time using treasure maps, but you need more traitstones. Besides it would be an even trade considering that if you actually used the map you could get multiple traitstones. I hope they add this in the next patch!!!

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That would be cool.

I am still in hopes that maps will be usable on explore for additional rewards.

That, or some kind of objective system that would encourage challenge completion, such as “Your next treasure map leads you to [challenge name] in [kingdom name], defeat them to claim your reward!”


Agree something should be done to make Treasure Hunt scale better into the end game… currently the rewards are so low it’s not worth the time.

Maybe they will be convertible to souls for the new crafting system? :smiley:

No no, no more souls please …

Just me?

If Crafting means we can spend them to create troops, then it kinda makes sense for all in-game currencies / tokens to be reducible down to souls at one rate or another…

Most end game players have millions of the things, mind…


imho, it would be great any of the following:
a) instead of playing a single map, you can use multiple maps at once, whatever you get becomes multiplied. EG: i bet 10 maps, play only once do 95 moves, get 3 gems, 900 gold 56 souls all get multiplied x10.
This would solve the fact that playing a single map requires lots of time. When you are a beginner, they are pure gold, later one, is just a waste of time.
b)swap prize glory keys with gem keys and gem keys with VIP keys. just cuz so reward would be more alluring.
c) use them during exploring for doubling the chance of finding an arcane, and if you do, being asked if yuo want a Arcane or a celestial. I hate celestials, i have like 100 of them, more than i’d need if i had all cards and yet i keep getting them, wasting my arcane lucky shot (i mean, i draw the right number but get an unwanted prize ;__:wink:

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There is a new crafting system mini game to get a new currency. Maybe maps will be the ticket into that, but who knows… I’m just speculating.

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