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Treasure Hunt venting..... weak

Ok I just finished a treasure hunt where I went 211 rounds and I was like “wow I kicked butt on this one I can’t wait to see the rewards!” Wow the rewards were non existent. Pretty sure I have received better rewards in like 61 round matches. Its all about getting the big chests I know but If they don’t align well you can’t move them around. Just wish that there were more/other bonuses. Other wise I would quit most of my matches of the 1/3 way into every game when the bottom rows lock in poorly.

Currently it’s better to play two 65 move matches of Treasure Hunt than one 130 move match. Vault and red chest rewards should be buffed significantly. The most important thing that one should focus when playing treasure hunt is speed. Playing fast is more important than making wise moves.


Just to add a little more onto what Bolatsi said, the optimum for resources for time / turn spent is 50 - 60 turns by maximizing green chests :blush:


@Bolatsi, @Fiara: saw fellow Treasure Hunters gathering, and thought a meeting had been called. :slightly_smiling_face:

Agree with this totally, and imho, red chests should not have the possibility of dropping souls.

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