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A way of how to make Treasure Hunt more attractive


I’d like to do a suggestions about the treasure hunt’s rewards.

As beginner it is pretty cool to gain the ressources there. You haven’t much opportunities to collect a lot of gems or glory, since the battles are still hard and timeconsuming. So doing treasure maps is a good alternative.

But as a lategameplayer the time/reward-ratio is really bad. If you need glory, then you simple do some PvP with your best team. If you need arcanes or other traitstones, then you do some fast grinding with phoenix as example (10 seconds per battle/traitsone).

And if you compare this rewards with the rewards on treasure hunt and the time you need there, then it’s sadly really wasted as lategameplayer, even when treasure hunt as game itself can be pretty fun.

My mainsuggestion would be to add a pet based on the treasure hunt. With that, you have also a good balancing. Beginners will not have this pet so fast, so they will not flooded with tons of rewards in the earlygame.

On the other hand as lategamer and a level 20 pet, you could get a good multiplier on your rewards.
For example lvl 5 pet will grant you 1,5 times rewards, while a lvl 20 pet will grant you 3 times of the amount.

It could also affect the traitstones you will receive there. lvl 20 pet = 3 times chance getting a arcane instead of minor traitstone etc.

I would really love to have a little upgrade there, to make treasure hunt more attractive.

Thanks and much love :kissing_heart:



The developers have said that they will not change the awards in the treasure hunt because it would “break the economy” of GoW.

Break the game? That’s a joke right? Treasure Hunt is the worst most time consuming method of acquiring resources in the game…even for early gamers.

If they’re not going to give time appropriate awards at least make it automated for those that are forced to play it during the weekly task.

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I am just saying what was said, not relaying an opinion of it.