3.3 Feedback and suggestions


Infernus just got even better :wink::wink::wink:


As requested by Oz at the bottom of the original thread (link posted below) this issue is still in 3.3 as far as the guild roster “alignment” as you scroll down through members



Wait, what? Huh? Why? How?:thinking: (I got this shown as a reply to me, but no indication as to which post of mine it replies to and now I have no idea what this is about, lol.)


I spent 6 hours playing earlier, and I didn’t see a single gnome. I think you nerfed them WAY to hard. I can understand not wanting them to be like 9 per hour or something crazy like that. But as the system stands it’s no where even remotely close to being valuable to farm for them. I enjoy all the other things with the patch, but I really think you all completely bonked on the gnome idea. I would agree with what a lot of people have said and up the spawn chance, and you could even nerf the drops a bit if the gnomes appear more. Great idea, but terrible execution on it so far.


I think that’s the point, I get the sense that the gnomes are not something we should be farming. It’s just a fun little bonus to the usual battles.


He probably pressed the “Reply” button under your post instead of the reply button at the bottom of the thread by mistake. It happens.


Happens to me too (all the time, actually), but I still wanna know why Infernus is suddenly even better now!:sweat_smile:


Yeah I can even understand that. But I mean 6 hours and not a single gnome? That seems very excessive to me. I still think they nerfed them way to hard. I really can’t wait to try all of the other modes they put in the game though!


I have a bone to pick about the TDS trait. Not that it’ll ever happen at my level, but…

Baby Dragon is highly dependent on one’s collection being bulked up and maxed out. For a low level player, this will be disappointing to use. Y’know, a lvl200-300 player who can trait a legendary or four but not buff their whole collection? Remember that we have a ton of dragons now.

Underwhelming enough to see Gorgotha spawn a mere Ultra-Rare Ancient Horror with no traits.

Still better than the original though. That was awkward.


After a dry spell yesterday, I finally managed to get 2 gnomes in explore today. Gnomes are fun in Explore because they play like free spin features in slot machine games - they encourage replay in hope that you will get lucky in the next game. This is aided greatly by the handy new Play Again button. Well done !!!:vulcan_salute::love_you_gesture::+1:


You mean the original concept of Dragon Soul possessing (transforming the possessed troop into him) a dragon ally? I wonder why they didn’t went with it as we have troops with three different tranformations by now… Even if the “possession” would bring back a fully healed Dragon Soul the team still lost one troop… The ressurrection, even at 50%, was aggravating because DS could do it alone over and over sometimes.


I’m glad they ditched that idea. I really disliked it. I much prefer the Baby Dragon spawn. Although, Shimrra makes a good point that the third trait works better for us endgamers than someone just starting out.


I agree, but pretty much everything is better for endgamers and i can imagine the other side of the coin: Newish players having a lot of struggle to kill DS after a second ressurrection… So in this sense it was probably unbalanced at earlier stages of the game. Maybe the devs also considered this perspective, but who knows? It’s not like we would love to hear more of their decision making process. Better keep things dark as Salty’s coffee and everything will get sorted out. Or not…


It’s something super obvious and I don’t understand how devs put level there… I already mentionned about that when Sirrian provided a spoiler screenshot, but no answer…


Someone may have addressed this, but I have not found the response yet, however, I see upon gaining levels over 1000 we no longer got to choose to add to our masteries. But now that 3.3 has taken root, I have since leveled up and got to add to a mastery. Will those of us over level 1000 be able to get the masteries from level 1001 to current level?


It was addressed here:


Ah I do remember reading that in the patch notes, and seeing my mastery levels, it now all makes sense.
Many Thanks.


I saw snowflakes with mine today…


I went up a level yesterday at 1079 and got to pick mine…it was so nice to see the screen again.


Treasure Vault Feedback: I just got 4 Minor Magic Traitstones. Please take that out. Vault Keys are already not the easiest to get, that’s just… disappointing. Like getting a half eaten Tootsy Roll for Christmas. Like the 50k Gold I got as the 2nd reward for that would have gotten me 4 Minor Traitstones and a bunch of Commons/Rares I may have needed instead, and I’m not fond of that prize either.

Feel free to leave minor traitstones as a Gnome reward, just… its a bit little for Treasure Vault.