3.3 Feedback and suggestions


We currently have 3 ish racial traits and I’m concerned about the balance already. The elves seem interesting, however the dwarves are still OP with immunities since they get immune to poison, playground, death mark, devour and stun. This is basically the und ead racial trait undying but immune to devour and stun 2 of the more powerful effects in the game. Is the undying trait going to get some sort of buff to get in line with the 4 immunities elves get or 5 dwarves get?

Also can you redesign mummified king so he can get the undying trait and so be seen as an undead?

  • I Love the change to TDS (and the baby dragon rebirth is kind of cute)
  • Treasure Gnome is a nice little addition (hold still you!)
  • When changing visibility on troop cards the font also should have been increased. (I have a large TV - 50" and still so tiny to me. I can just imagine how it looks on smaller TV’s.)
  • Frost is still one of the harder effects for me to see. And update really didn’t make that any better.
  • Treasure Hunt is still a waste of time for anyone over level 500. (I tried it and compared gained resources vs other methods available.)
  • Still not sure of the other modes or orbs, so far reads like more time will be needed to do it all.

Completely agree with @Aelthwyn 's suggestion of moving ‘disband’ someplace else. It always has made me weary with it being so close.

@Slypenslyde I enjoyed the game when it was easy to do. From the beginning its just had more and more to do. And more and more time needed to stay relevant. With current update it seems even more time will be needed. And honestly it may either peek or break past time I’m able to give it. And I already spend hours each day in GoW. Sure I have moments of even more time in a week, but that isn’t every week or common. Like currently I have a lot of time this week. I enjoy the game a lot, but the requirements really are getting out of hand. Like I was okay (sort of with raid battles coming) now we do not just have raid battles but also sieges. So once I found that out I was like =/ … 1 new mode = fun. +2 or more = mixed feelings and =/.


Making a better Gems of War, Today! :rofl: Pure gold! :smiley:

Just one suggestion from me for now: the “Play Again” button in Explore is wonderful. Now could we possibly get rid of the screen after a PvP battle that needlessly adds up the PvP points earned to your existing points? The rewards screen already shows the PvP rank up, so I really see no need for it. It would make my PvP life a lot less annoying :slight_smile: This is honestly my biggest issue with the game right now, lol. I’m pretty easy to please.


Positive: retry button

Negative: everything else!!!


Would like to see something like this implemented, or some inverse option in filters.
It takes about 10 seconds to get from top to bottom.


It’s a nice idea, but sadly, it wouldn’t do much for console as that’s not how we scroll. Unless they just find a way to increase our overall scrolling speed. Its a good idea for you guys though.


We can already use the triggers to quick scroll (next letter, level, rarity or however the list is filtered), so I think we’re good. A “low-to-high” option on the filter screen would still be nice though.


Fair point. I was just referring to regular slow vs fast scrolling, itself, but you’re right.


Not literally but she was still laughing an hour later. I’d taken screen shots and everything as it was the first one I’d seen


After all damage done with the gnomes issues wouldn’t be interesting to introduce another gnome and tweak the spawn rates?
My idea consists of having two types of gnomes appearing instead of one.

The rare kind, with a spawn rate similar to what we had when the update was launched, would bring the minor rewards like extra gold, souls, crafting materials (shards), glory/event keys and small amounts of gems (5 seems ok).

The rarer kind, maybe a gnome Tax Collector or something like that, would be very rare as the gnomes are now, but these ones would have better rewards like more gems (up to 20), gem keys, better crafting materials (diamonds) and the Vault Key.

The point is hardly about the rewards, they are surely nice, but we can barely find the gnomes. So what’s the point of a new, and supposedly exciting new addition, if we can hardly get hyped if we can’t find those little bastards? There is hardly any “visibility” at all, being this rare instead of a “Carrot on a stick” situation we have a “The Fox and the grapes” situation, we want the grapes (gnomes), but if we can’t reach(find) it then the result is bitter despise…

And it gets extra frustrating if they run away or simply leave a meager reward like souls because the player will certainly be unhappy.

So, instead of tweaking rewards and spawn rates of a single troop during and outside events, maybe it’ll be more productive to make another gnome.
Be careful @Sheba, if the fox don’t get any grapes… :wink:


Just complaining with a reasonable tone and moderation is not doing it for me…

I would beat the $#17 out of garden gnomes to vent out some of my frustration if they were even a thing here in Brazil… :sweat_smile:


Suggestion: As mentioned everywhere, bring back the gnome drop rate and decrease rewards.

I am VIP9 and have been for about a year now but stopped donating when I felt the direction of the game was going was not to my liking. I have stuck with it though and am almost level 1200. When I played some explores yesterday and got a few gnomes over the course of 30 minutes or so I immediately started to reverse my moratorium on micro-transactions for GOW and likely would have purchased something by now had the gnome nerf not gone into effect. Gnomes, finding them, killing them, getting a random reward, was FUN… that is what this game is supposed to be about right? FUN? Now after doing a couple hours of explores and no more gnomes GoW is back to the normal grind of making sure i don’t let my guild down.

Devs… Put gnomes back the way they were or at least go back to an increased drop rate to some degree and just reduce the rewards from them. Right now, it might as well be that they were not put into the game. And I know you are going to say during invade week they have a much higher drop rate… well, then just take them out of the drop pool completely when its not invade week rather then piss off your entire community with a non-prize update that you dangled in front of us just to snatch away.


Not in the patch notes:

I am freaking pleased as hell with this since I’ve been on a roll and have been dropping 300k at once… several times this week, so far. Not having to click 30 times is good.

However, missed opportunity - and asked for many times already - we still can’t see how much gold the task has / has left with this window in the way. Fix it next patch, please?


OK, I was wrong!! I guess it was just warming up. The AI never ending extra turns is back with a vengeance and it’s happening on every battle. I just fought a team, I went then the AI went until my team was gone. You guys need to make this priority #1. Most people play to have fun, waiting for the AI to stop taking it’s nonstop extra turns is not fun at all.


Normal task 1-12 have this noted down under the task level on xbox


Devs, can you explain whats your problem? Why you cant make Frozen effect CLEARLY visible?
Why the Burning is more visible then Frozen? Information about frozen status is much more important!

Dont know how to do it? Return frozen effect as it was.

Cant return as it was? Put the white square on the troop when its frozen (like below) and it will be done!


I started a casual pvp game on warlord 3 with a the wrong team so I retreated as soon as it loaded. Yup, I glimpsed cedric as I pressed the button. Cursing my luck I started another game and there he was! I think he’s there until I actually play against him. If I’d started arena I think he’d have been in there too!


Disappointed about TDS trait reworked.
Dont you think that there is enough random in the game? Baby dragon (i.e. - random troop with 1 turn delay)? Why cant you give troops predictable trait?


I think they opted out for an extra “step” to balance the ressurrection.

They could simply make him ressurrect as any dragon, avoiding the Baby Dragon “step”, but they chose to give us a few more chances to deal with him, while on the other hand the baby already have free mana to transform if you miss your opportunity.

A little convulated i would say, but maybe they are trying to turn a grief mechanic into something that challenge us a bit. I can imagine some people being happy for being able to kill the Baby Dragon (Monsters! It’s a baby!) before it can transform.


Then the fox better be smart or else.:wink: