What do you LIKE about 3.2?

We all know there may be some issues so instead of pointing out everything disliked about 3.2 I would like this thread to be about what you like, not dislike. I feel this is important for the developers to see what is liked.

Also please do not derail this thread and stay on topic.


I will start.

Love the loading times, much faster and more fluid so that’s a thumbs up.

I like that on the main screen you can see all your resources.

I like that after each battle I can see how close I am to my next level.


I liked the new glory symbol and being able to see how many souls i have from the home screen.

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I like the new troop filters! (Sorry I’m just really excited about them.)


where did the scroll buttons go on the troop menu ? if you dont use a mouse its hard to scroll through the troop menu

I guess they removed those buttons since the Filters are more useful/reliable now.

I like them as well. If possible change it so you can press triangle like before to apply the filter.

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I like being able to see the gem count when i’m about to use krystenax. i don’t remember being able to see that count before. no more eyeballing it!

  • the files have been updated and so on, new spoilers :stuck_out_tongue:
  • like the new troop cards (even if there are improvements to do): yeah it’s less fantastic (which was my previous point of view), but it looks more modern, more what a game should look in 2017

I especially like fact that all platforms console especially fit the patch on the same day. Kudos to the devs for making this happen!

only thing i like about it is that i wasnt forced to download it yet! xD


Bigger buttons. That makes a difference on mobile. Also troop filter obvly.

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I updated 3.2 for iOS-iPad , but my UI and map hasn’t change at all.
Any news for iOS?

I love that Krystenax and Elspeth show counts of all gems on the board


Let’s see, things I like:

  1. Troop Filters. F* yeah! Finally!
  2. Troop Card Design. I actually think the overall design of these is really good. Love that the artwork is more prominent. There are major issues with the font/readability, but the overall design is good.
  3. Loading Times. It does seem to be a bit zippier. Really liking that!
  4. Sentinel Upgrades. The ability to upgrade to a specific level, all at once, is really nice.
  5. Chat. I think it looks nicer overall now. I’m not crazy about the gray background. I’d also really like to see the last chat message from my guild to show up so I can see if anything new has been said. But I like it overall.
  6. “Choose a Game” Screen. I like this much better than the drop-up thing before. It looks less budget.
  7. News. I really like the idea here. I really hope this means they’re going to improve the messaging. It’s always so bizarre to me that they aren’t clearer about new troops entering the game. I’d especially like to see something that tells us the new troop(s) entering chests.
  8. Icons. The Glory symbol is pretty cool. (But the Gems symbol is now even more easy to confuse with Diamonds.)
  9. Kingdom Levels. I like this change. It’s cleaner.
  10. Bonuses. I think this is a great touch, I just think it looks bad with the white & gray (so bland when they just introduced lots of sleek color!).

@Saltypatra I love that it feels
Like the GOW I fell in love with months ago. There are some issues to be dealt with but overall I’m giving it one thumbs up, possibly two! Also, don’t forget to see my idea for the merfolk/ mech idea. An orca with a axe to grind with Johnny Bronze :slight_smile:

I like the chat window. The font is cleaner, makes it much easier to read.

I like the functionality of the new troop filters, being able to find a “blue/brown” troop and such is awesome!

I like that I can see which traitstones I got from treasure hunt now. (don’t like that it’s much harder to tell the different traitstones apart :stuck_out_tongue: )

I like the “My bonuses” breakdown, it actually explains where those numbers come from :smiley:

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They can do that, but Aurai still doesn’t show the green gem count :roll_eyes:

That is awesome though, especially since I now find it harder to guesstimate which colour gems are the most numerous on the board.

I do also like the big green cast button, it’s harder to miss now :slight_smile:

I like everithing, but i needs so much work, i dont like the huge cards it shows in the rewards screens. And they show you pvp rank points twice. Numbers need strokes or black gradients. Card outline is to simple. The game board has so much wasted space and the transparency needs to go.

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I’m liking the new Arcane Traitstone design. Much easier to glance at it from a distance and see what it is coughunlikeallthetextoverimagescough