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3.2.5 Feedback and suggestions

Please post all feedback and suggestions regarding the new update (release mid December 17) here

For known issues go here
For our major issues and their workarounds, go here

Top suggestions and feedback

  • Status effects are distracting and Burn, Frozen and others cause troop readability issues: Burn and Frozen are fixed for the next update. Frozen features increased visibility and burning obscures less.
  • New Turn ‘fireworks’ animation is distracting and flashy: Investigating improvements for the next update. Requires long term solution.
  • Some parts of the UI are plain and could be improved to be more colourful and visually interesting (E.g. Guild Roster): Investigating improvements for the next update. Requires long term solution.
  • Font on Kingdom World Map is lightweight: The font was made lightweight after community suggestions in the last update to make it less bold.
  • Background of board should be less transparent. The board in Treasure Hunt is distracting and difficult to read as well: The board was adjusted this update to actually be closer to the original UI, and we won’t likely be making much additional change.
  • Include Kingdoms on Troop cards - Investigating to include in a future update.

Other ideas

  • Accidentally spend Gems using ‘Refresh’ button after finishing a PVP battle and clicking ‘next’: Investigating for a future update. Considering delayed ‘Refresh’ button after results initially appear.
  • Open chests with 1 key only, rather than minimum 10: Fixed.
  • Traits are difficult to read on cards: This was adjusted based on suggestions.
  • Types of Traitstones earnable from Explore is not evident: The Arcane Traitstone is shown. Subsequent minor Traitstones will therefore be available, e.g. if Arcane Blade Traitstone, all minor, major and runic blue/yellow stones will be available.
  • Want to be able to see the amount (##) of gold left to contribute before the task is complete instead of just a % amount: Yes! Investigating for a future update.
  • Back buttons are in the left hand corner, exit buttons are in the top right-hand corner of the screen: These buttons serve different functions; thus different locations. Won’t be changed.
  • Sort Guild roster by default from highest > lowest: Yes! Added to the feature list to include in a future update.

New suggestions

  • Sort chests by 1/10/200 (or a large number at the end) rather then 1/50/200, or an option to adjust the middle button’s value.
  • Give Elves more skin colours!
  • Guild roster scrolling is slow
  • Make scrollers bigger
  • Add jump to bottom/top of page buttons

On PC/Steam with older client, if I change graphic quality from Mythic to Very Good looks much better, I do not know if there are graphic options on console.

Suggest that there be a “save” button for GW defense and that it NOT revert to our PvP defence team each week after reset. I also request a zap or skip button available before the next day, particularly because we lose defence points for 24 unique troops without the option. No, retreating does not award those last 2,000 points.

Thanks for being open to our suggestions and feedback as always. :slightly_smiling_face:

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watch pvp replay feature to improve the defense, also a way to test defense without changing the current pvp defense.

i think it could be done in the troop menu when you set your team just press x button to test it in defense

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please consider adding the GW progress of every guild in the same bracket, would be nice to know how many fight left for our biggest rival, the only way we can figure it is when we fight them. there is enough space to add it to the ranking page it would be awesome


Very happy to get the chest rewards list back like it use to be. So much better.


Just tested things for a bit:

Good stuff:

  • The new button color is MUCH nicer, as is the effect when pressing it.
  • Glad the sidescrolling when opening chests is gone!
  • I’m okay with the rest of the layout. The text seems a bit smaller, but still readable. I’m doing sorta okay with this while being heavily visually disabled, so it should be fine for most people. Not sure about mobile devices, though.
  • Very happy about stars being back! I can actually see them - not very well, but way better than before! Some more color would be nice.
  • Glad the shop images show more of what’s in each pack without having to click on it.

Not-so-good stuff:

  • Gold Key chests not being the first/one of the big buttons is weirdly unintuitive. The chests opened the most should be first or/and the big buttons.
  • 50% increase for 28 days for 20 bucks is a joke. It was okay for 100% increase, but not for that price.
  • I don’t understand how the second bundle (Dragon Soul) is selected, as it has little to do with the current events. It’s not a Stryx, it’s not a knight. How is it being selected? It’s unclear and with that unpredictable right now.
  • The banner selection is really bad with the sidescrolling.
  • I’m glad I know what gets unlocked with what seal level in guild tabs because I sure can’t say, being colorblind and all, with simple little boxes.
  • In the legendary tasks menu, the “all tasks completed” in the upper right window is…unreadable. The grey is WAY too faint.
  • The worldmap kingdom names are the only place where the text is hard to read (it’s very thin).
  • As I had expected, traits are basically invisible for me in battle now. I won’t go into detail here, I posted a BIG post on colorblindness in the appropriate thread about it.
  • The mini VIP pack is one per player now? Odd…
  • As expected, everything got way more goth than before. I miss troop images being displayed in the chest menu the most, I liked looking at them. Glad they’re still there in the kingdom menu!
  • Explore is missing the explanatory question mark what stones can be found there. Bad for newbies.
  • I can’t see the status effects anymore. Especially frozen. I know a troop is frozen but can’t see it. Which is, together with the already poorly-readable numbers, not very nice.
  • Board is still semi-transparent…
  • The level sometimes being displayed with a crown is weird. I don’t mind it being changed from a star to a crown, but be consistent? I was super-confused in the PVP menu, trying to figure out what the number under the crown meant until I checked my own.
  • After-battle rewards still sidescroll.

But, the very most important thing:
PLEASE make the flashing STOP! I cannot take the damn fireworks in battle!
I don’t understand! You guys listened to us when we said the neon green button was too flashy when pressed and flashed yellow. (Again, thanks for listening!) But instead, you added fireworks galore in extreme brightness?! I’m pretty sure this is getting close to epilepsy-inducing - I just get a major headache. I definitely cannot play like this; I tried already turning the brightness down, but it doesn’t help. It’s abysmal!
The fact that the gem movement also seems much slower is not helping, either.
But yeah, battles are unplayable right now. I already see very, very, very little and it’s burning my eyes. I don’t even want to know what it does to a player being fully able to see.

I really thought we would, at this point, see improvements. The UI screenshots shared indicated that and it is mostly an improvement over the former version. (Though still worse than the old UI).
However, the status effects show that you really don’t care about people with visual impairments and the fireworks show that you… basically don’t care about anyones eyesight. You should have learned with the flashing button that bright flashing lights are BAD. Having them every few second is improssible to bear. They appear with every single gem matching. Not even mentioning the big spell flash.

It’s unplayable for me. (Steam-user, sitting close to the laptop because, yeah, I’m almost blind and need to be.)

Hotfix the flashing.

Only way this is playable.

The rest is okay. But not this. This is a nightmare.

(Adding: In the patch menu, this is described as “Particle Effects”. Okay then. I didn’t know what it was called in English and I know @Cyrup asked in the other thread what exactly was too bright, so my answer is “all particle effects”)


Option to disable in-battle animations related to special effects would be appreciated. New animations are headache inducing and in many cases totally unnecessary (stun is already marked by crossing out traits with red, there is no need for additional moving, sparkling animation over the troop).

Battles (in steam version) are currently extremely exhausting for eyes.


Remove Dawnbringer from arena Def or fix it, do something.

As for the UI, it is a UI it wont hide a broken game.


Please add a few more interesting options in the “Glory Rewards” section of the shop. Feel free to revisit/modify both the Maps and Souls offers.

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I don’t mind the new battle animations/ particles. But, I think an on/off option would be a great compromise for people that don’t like them.


I feel like I know what it would have been like to play GoW’s in the 60’s, ie on LSD.

Why did you guys stop at just two animations for burning and shielded? Perhaps you should have stretched your animation team to come up with 3, 4 or 10.

Honestly, it feels like with regards to animation, you’ve gone down the path of what can be done rather than what should be done. The new burning animation and shielded animation are distracting and annoying. It’s almost like you’re trying to get people to focus on the animation rather than on, well you know, the game.

The new Frozen animation is anything but. It feels more like a magic aura. But again it is distracting and takes away from the core game play. The previous felt much more frozen.


I wasn’t a fan of the UI changes and this is just more of the same however it’s been stated things are not changing back to how they were but can’t you just adopt some of the styles of how things used to be. The Guild Roster screen now has to be the most bland and uninspired screen I’ve seen in a video game since PONG! Just change it…please…change it! Also the guild tasks now as a % instead of gold values…why just why! please change this back to show gold “put into” the task or gold “Remaining to complete” either or is so much better than a % if people want to do math on the fly they can figure out their own %'s


This is still extremely annoying. I thought I could get used to it but no, not really. Either make it completely non-transparent please or add a switch to Option. Some backgrounds are reasonable but there are quite a few essentially unplayable backgrounds.


Some of the layout is very good, But the guild rooster is so bland, my recruits in black and white when they deserve some colour, the overview is better and easier to understand. Tasks is ok and seals the right side cards look out of place, almost too simple for the rest of the graphics.
Agree with what others have said about the chest keys and gold not being 1st. Massively agree with an option to turn off graphic animations this has to be a must.
Though lets take a moment to appreciate the freeze graphics…
Over all some nice changes.


Um you can’t even tell your frozen on consoles


I just played a bit on an iPhone 7 and my only real negative opinion is the map text fonts are too lightweight. Lots of eye strain reading them.

There’s a lot of other things I don’t like, but I think it’s just “I’m not used to this”. I’m going to play for a few days and see if I forget the list.

Now that I’ve seen the “sparkles” I’m not really sure what the deal is, maybe it varies by device. I wouldn’t have noticed it if people aren’t posting about it, but if I could turn it off I probably would. I don’t like stuff covering gems!

There are a lot of good things going on in this update. This feels a lot better than the first time the UI was updated, even though I still miss that. I’m most interested in seeing if the “download assets” issue is fixed. Currently I’m downloading a ton of junk, but it’s new so that’ll end. Hopefully.


After the first two times starting the game, I didn’t get any downloads anymore (Steam/PC). That seems alright.

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