3.3 Feedback and suggestions


With the removal of gems from LTs, the reduction of GW rewards from weekly to every 3rd week, and the addition of game modes that “require” gems to access content…


PLEASE!? :sob:



I’ve lost event keys twice today from the game crashing on the ps4. Can I prove it? No. Ticket submitted anyway.


The rewards per match are just a joke, can they go up a little at least per damage done?

I spent all these gems and now feel obliged to do it, but per battle, each 5 to 10 minutes, it’s just very disappointing.

Even warlord 4 in casual pvp pays out better then this.

Raid mode needs reworked! Period! Quit beta testing on us please. Thanks.


Maybe higher then warlord 4


Ten minutes later, I’ll help the guild with points, but gold and trophies this week will be shot.


I wouldn’t feel so bad if I didn’t buy tier 7 twice by accident, it really just bums me up. Sorry for all the negativity. Please put a yes/no button on them at least and tell us if we purchased one already. Thanks.


Two weeks and I’m outta here. Can’t wait.


Some good stuff (like the repeat button on explore, gnome is fun.

But, I think you should let Guild wars every week plus one random event, it’s better to give more than less to play, and something where there are some difficulties (personnaly, only guild wars give me some) for late game player.

For raid boss, and probably invasion (we will see next week), can’t you sell on the shop the first two lvl for gold and the third one for glory ? After, yeah gems if you want for people who wants more (and pay more). And so, it will become easier to do portal7, maybe 8 for guild who don’t want to spend too much ? And for early player… Like you did for sentinels.

Guild wars makes you want to play everyday because the carrot is big enough to interrest all the guild and there are some challenges.
Raid boss just makes you want to play on sunday because you have nothing more interresting to do (and to not waste free stuff), because the carrot is really really tiny compared to the cost, lower the cost or make the carrot bigger.
So having guild wars every week plus one more event (with lower cost, or bigger rewards) looks like a really good compromise to me. Everyone happy, everyone can spend lots of gems everywhere, or having some rewards without spending any gems.


PS4, cannot scroll across to see all rewards (or lack of) in PvP and Raid. Scroll bar is there but screen stays frozen so cannot see what the rewards are for completing the later portals etc


You need to move your ‘cursor’ up to the reward bar, then you can scroll left and right. It was better before when you could have the ‘continue’ button highlighted and still scroll side to side.


Nice one thanks :slight_smile:


The Orb of Clan needs to go.
Nobody wants 300 seals.

So imagine a small guild. Like, they barely hit the 20k chest.
They really put up, all in, and finally open portal 5 and the Chaos Orb.
And a player gets… 300 seals???

Please, it’s hard enough to get Orb, remove the bad ones.


Lucky devil…


As bad as they are something needs to be put into place for extra RNG, as we all love it so very much…


There is already the level up orbs, that only benefit lower tier players. Clan Orbs are just an insult, now that we see how hard it is to get an Orb


If the prizes for Raid and Invasion are going to be Orb of Chaos, then Orb of Growth needs to be reworked…

How exactly is requiring 20 of those things to make a Major Orb of Growth remotely fair when you get rewarded 1 at a time.

At that point, crafting Zuul’ Goth needs to be reexamined. Assuming best case guild scenario, if we get 4 orb of chaos and 1 major orb of chaos a week, then there’s a possibility of a orb/major orb of clans, and orb of growth is currently unrealistically needing 20 to make 1 major, I just don’t see how anyone is supposed to make Zuul’ Goth in less than multiple years.

Zuul’ Goth isn’t even that good to require multiple years to obtain.


Stan I agree 100% I have no idea why the changed the reward “bar” to have to be shown in the way it is now. It starts in the middle and you now have to move up and then all the way to the left and than all the way to right to see what your rewards were

Didn’t they say in the notes they "fixed’ or “improved” this ?! I disagree :thinking:



Liking the raid mode but a few things seem lacking:

1 killing the boss, although adds damage, doesn’t provide a reward relative to the difficulty of the battle. I feel that although I’m killing this epic boss he just had no epic style loot or even any loot. Could he be given some bonus gold, souls, (traitstones/ shards) so that the battle rewards are similar to PvP or the dungeon boss fights.

2 in gw if you won a day you got 50 seals and a 24hr 100% xp boost. Adding 25 seals to each of the rewards would be 300 as well, making this consistent with guild wars. Also today after I used my sigils I stoped playing, giving a special event bonus on portal closure or something would also be inline with the guild war bonus and encourage people to play longer, I think a 50% soul boost would be appropriate (since you are fighting a god).

3 vault keys are not very good now since the introduction of smaller rewards has devalued them.

4 adding Val raven in PvP and explore similar to gnome would reduce the criticism of the game being p2w. Making 1 in 10 gnome a Val raven would still keep a bias to buying sigils, while allowing some to get a few extra turns.

All in all though I like this new game mode, it makes me look at troops I wouldn’t normally use to get a win.


(1) I would totally pay a gem to refresh the boss battle teams.

(2) I really like the new card layout. Glad to see the kingdom back on the card.

(3) Scrolling to the bottom of my troops list is an exercise in frustration. I’d love an “all the way down/up” button, or a way to reverse the sorting order.

(4) This is an assumption on my part, but please make gnomes that appear in regular game modes draw from a different loot table than gnomes that appear in the Vault.

(5) Repeat button on Explore is awesome.

(6) I like the idea behind both Raid and Invasion modes, of trying to encourage team building using non-meta troops. Alas, some kingdoms/types will he substantially harder to work with, due to the lack of a good transformer/exploder. Not looking forward to trying to outpace Zuul’Goth when I’m stuck collecting 3-matches to fill my troops.


I agree with many above on the look of status effects. Fire is so very clear that was never an issue, though you added more to it? Why? … Especially when frozen is still very hard to see. And these little random drips of snowflakes are hard to see. If you could actually make frozen as obvious as you overdid on fire, we’d all be happy. Its very hard to tell with some of the others as well. Its like this with status effects. Some effects you assume we have the best observation/eyes so you make them unclear, opaque, questionable. Then others you overdo (like fire) that its so painfully obvious what the effect is. That I’m shocked you just didn’t go overboard and create a fire border around the affected troop. Might I suggest toning down the overdone effects? And then boosting the effects that DO need more attentiveness towards?