3.3 Feedback and suggestions


I know it’s a small thing but shouldn’t the vault key appear with other keys and not with orbs?


I collected over 650 Dragon challenge points on this week’s event, suddenly the counter became 0… ??? this is so screwed up !(edited)
Not only seals reset to 0 for our guild now. Dragon challenge reset to 0???


Restart the game. Then try a PVP battle. It’s just a visual error.


I fully agree that the rewards in raid are extremely lacking… I think my biggest concern is that with Raid now needing you to get Gems to buy sigils, and a lot of them, and then you need gems in the dungeon to buy things and also need gems in Guild Wars to level up your Sentinels. What I am getting at is there is not enough ways to earn the amount of gems you need to participate in everything now… Not happy about this at all…


Remember when Sirrian said the rewards were comparable to the gw rewards? It was a lie.
No gems to speak of, no troops no extra xp and a huge time and gem sink. It’s gross.


If your counter shows zero, just open a gold key and the counter will resync. You don’t even need to restart the game.


Sorry to work this out but I just closed portal 7. I decided to add up all the gems and event keys. It’s roughly 205 gems (15 per key).

This is better than the rewards for bracket 2 gw players.

Ahh this doesn’t include vault key or orbs… or souls… or diamonds because I don’t have a nice conversion rate memorized for them.

Gold is better too


It was ‘Fixed’ on PC. Considering the developers don’t play on console this is to be expected. I did see a post that at least they own 1 of each console at the office… So that’s something. Any how, I don’t know if they are hooked up or anything. :yum:


And when you see devs in console chat, they login through chat and not the game console.


Spent way more than than 200, are you absolutely sure? The gem rewards were meagre at best…


@Sirrian, @Saltypatra @Ozball Still no news on Invasions even though it starts in less than 22 hours? May I suggest in future we get some sort of reveal at least a day in advance if possible?

I really wanted to do a special event with in our guild based around the invasions but as I have no real idea what they are or the objectives this is going to be a tough one. I guess I’ll wait till it’s released, wrap my head around and then quickly come up with the parameters for our guild event. Would be very helpful in future (say the bounty event coming up) if we could have just a days notice please



If I leave my guild tomorrow can I still do invasion with the new guild? I want to do my last week with my original guild for old times sake.


The new Raid mode is basic and individual. I can’t say that feedback has been overwhelmingly good, I understand that long term players moving on is not an issue for the devs, however, I would propose weekly events that follow the following structure:

Week 1: Guild Wars
Week 2: Raid
Week 3: Guild Wars
Week 4: Invasion
Week 5: Guild Wars…


One problem with the Raid structure is that individual battles feel mostly pointless. In Guild Wars each battle is important because of jockeying for position within the guild (if I do well I can contend for paragon!), to a lesser extent for ranking in the bracket (don’t want to end up in the bottom 3!), and to an even lesser extent because of the rewards (I get 3000 gold if I win and 300 if I lose). It’s much harder to motivate myself to do Raid battles because my own individual contributions are almost meaningless.

Right now my guild is at 32k/180k for the tenth portal. Even if I used all of my sigils, there is no way I could close that gap appreciably. And I have no way of knowing if my guild mates are also holding onto sigils. It could be that we have enough sigils to finish this portal, but none of us can muster up the drive to spend those sigils since we think it won’t matter. The gaps between portals are too large towards the end.

Take the portals and divide them. Then give out one reward for each smaller portal closed instead of all the rewards at once for each large portal.

The current structure of the last three portals is
Portal 8 (90,000): 5000 gold, 500 souls, 1 Orb of Chaos, and 3 Celestial Traitstones
Portal 9 (130,000): 5500 gold, 550 souls, 2 Orbs of Chaos
Portal 10 (180,000): 6000 gold, 600 souls, 1 Major Orb of Chaos

Change those portals (and those below them) to look like
Portal 23 (20,000): 500 souls
Portal 24 (20,000): 5000 gold
Portal 25 (20,000): 3 Celestial Traitstones
Portal 26 (30,000): Orb of Chaos
Portal 27 (40,000): 550 souls
Portal 28 (40,000): 5500 gold
Portal 29 (50,000): 2 Orbs of Chaos
Portal 30 (55,000): 600 souls
Portal 31 (55,000): 6000 gold
Portal 32 (70,000): Major Orb of Chaos

Edit: I am perfectly happy to be shown wrong about this, but I suspect this would also lead to increased purchasing of later tiers. By increasing the value of individual sigils (since one person’s contributions are a larger fraction of the required point total), players are incentivized to buy a tier and close the portal themselves rather than wait for a guild member to do it.


I think it would be more … profitable to continue doing Boss battle (that last forever) if , as individual players , there was an extra « reward » for reaching goals (boss lvl 50, 100, 150, etc, all the way to 500)
Each benchmark could give some growing rewards, like the snot stone events


I have a growing concern about the overall balance of this game. There has always been a considerable plateau area in the midgame, but more and more this content–including the decisions on who to nerf and who to beef–seems geared toward only the endgame players. It is impossible for a person with a full-time job, even playing on their phone, to keep up with the people who can put twelve hours a day or hundreds of dollars into this game. I should know, I am that person. I spend money on gems of war, a little every month, as my treat to myself, but it makes no difference. The gap between mid and end game continues to widen, and with the most recent changes to cards like the dragon soul, my ability as a midgame player to even occasionally beat players who are two or three thousands points above me has vanished. I feel like a door was slammed in my face, and since Guild Wars routinely requires me to fight just those sorts of people, this provides a major problem. What’s worse, I can no longer get my family and friends to play this game. Every early game player I’ve tried to entice has quit after a handful of weeks–the barrier to entry has gotten too high. I understand fully that the purpose of a game is at least partially to make money. I’d be happy to pay a monthly fee for this game, if I also felt I got full and fair access to the content, or that my access was limited only by my talent, not my wallet or how long at a time I can play. If the purpose of this game is only to cater to end game players, I feel like that should be plainly addressed, in a statement about changing business models. But I believe that is not the intent of this game, or at least it was not the original intent of this game. Please consider more carefully the balance changes you are making, now and going forward. It is hard to imagine that you have deliberately made it more difficult for midgame players to compete in the challenges or to get optional rewards such as orbs or vaults, but that is the effect, intentional or not.


Doing the math on this new weeks invasion and their portals. I don’t think it’s plausible to close all portals even with the higher ranked guilds. The amount of towers needed to be destroyed doesn’t add up with the amount of guild members. Or am I missing something?


You may find this thread interesting:


Thank you! This does help!! @Stan


I think it would be nice if The Vault and Primal Kingdom were combined into one just to fill one of them more.

Then, it would be awesome if that was given some kind of Kingdom bonus for owning them/maintaining them.